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May a Mama please give Me all the teething advice. What wor…

May a Mama please give Me all the teething advice. What worked for My other 3 Kids is not working for My Little One, She's refusing to eat anything and that includes a bottle. I introduced her to PediaSure and honestly that seems to be all she wants to drink besides the vanilla flavored toddler milk. I just got a can of the Similac Go & Grow and it doesn't have those flavors and she's refusing it. She hasn't slept all night which means I haven't slept all night either. She's throwing these dang temper tantrums and I gave her teething gel but she's back at this morning refusing to eat and just crying and no she's not sick nor running a fever, she was literally just jumping up and down and hitting the window now she's back to this fussing. What do I do!?


— Hylands teething tablets and popsicles are the ONLY things that worked for my kiddo.

— Not everyone is into homeopathic but I liked using hylands teething tablets. They’re these tiny dissolvable tablets and my lil core group of new moms swore by them! My kid used to happily take them from my hand and give them to himself. I think I only spent $5-$6

— @justwingit, yes, the nighttime ones really do work!

— Honestly both our Pediatrician and Pediatric Dentist recommend Tylenol or Motrin if they are having that hard of a time with it. I’ve found that teething tablets help tremendously too.

— Have you tried popsicles? My daughter is getting her molars and has been real cranky but I’ve noticed the popsicles help!

— She won't take anything