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If I were to start babysitting from home, what would be a g…

If I were to start babysitting from home, what would be a good price range? I used to babysit M-F for $10 a day and honestly that money was mostly spent on crafts and learning equipment for the kids. I’d like to make a little more this time but not sure how much would be “too much”? I provide snacks and such because I also will be feeding my daughter and it’s just easier to feed them the same things. I’m not sure on how many days or hours yet if I decide to do it. My husband think that I should make it hourly and that I should considering charging a little bit extra if they don’t pick the kid up after so long of it being past “pick up”. I thought about just doing a flat rate so that I would get paid the same even if the child didn’t come on a day or something like that. Also, I wanted to make a little contract type thing so that everything would be in writing this time. I kind of got burnt a little last time and want to hopefully prevent that a little better this go around. Any suggestions? I’m not CPR certified or anything so I know I can’t be charging too much and I don’t want people to think that I’m charging outrageous and just want to do it for the money because that’s really honestly not the case at all.


— I was 100 a week. That was breakfast lunch and 2 snacks.

If you please fix up some papers to save you if something happen. People these days are crazy

— I would do at least $20 per day. When my husband’s aunt was babysitting my kids, I gave her $20 per kid per day. So $40/day. Especially if you’re providing lunch and snacks because that can really add up. And yes definitely have strict hours with an extra charge for late pick up.

— Learn the laws in your area. Here you can watch up to 4 with out license. CPR certification and a food handling permit would be something to think about obtaining. Just a safe feeling for parents to leave their kids with you. And it would help you to obtain a license if that is the route you chose to go.

If you are doing it for fun money maybe $20 a day. Make your hours. Any time before or after those hours you make a stipulation like $5 for every 30 minutes or 10 minutes before/after operation hours. Don’t give! Your time is important! Your family time matters... Make a consent form for medical care and transportation that the parent gives you consent. Also have parents fill out a form with the ER of choice, current DR and any allergies. A list of people who can pick up the child and emergency contacts.

I can’t think of anything else right now lol

ETA. If you don’t have a license I’d charge by day. But if you choose the licensed route I would charge for the slot to have the child’s place held, present or not. You get state funding as a daycare and have to hold so many slots for certain funding and to qualify aid, tax breaks, etc.

— Thank you so much!! That is extremely helpful!!

— When my daughter was in a home daycare, I paid $25/day and only paid for the days she attended. Her hours were from 5:30am-6pm but my daughter was never there for 12+ hours (usually 8 or 9 though). She provided lunch, snacks, and activities (mostly seasonal crafts). Our babysitter was not licensed because she had less than the number required for a license.

— Thank you! I would only have one child (plus mine) but I would provide those things and I thats how my last kids were. I was paid for the days that I had them!

— @the.mother.goose., @garay88, it would be my niece if I chose to babysit again and I don’t think my BIL or SIL would do anything like that but people can turn real quick especially when it comes to their kids 😅

— My mom babysits and she charges 30 for an 8 hour period. The mom provides food and snack

— See id be providing food/snacks too and some educational stuff. I “teach” my daughter through the week and would do the same with the other child so they could learn and wouldn’t feel left out while my daughter did her “school work” lol

— You can't just start a daycare at your house. You have to go through some classes and get a license to watch kids...

— It’s not a daycare. Just a babysitting service. I done it for a few years off and on a while back. I just want some some paperwork type stuff so that all of the kids medical/emergency in written down, parents preferences, payment info and such is all written down and talked about. If I did babysit, it would be my niece 😅

— CPR class is a one day class at least it was in California and it was cheap to like $50. $10 a day is way to low nowadays. Specially if you’re providing food and activities... I see people charge $13-$17 an hour! Check how much other people are charging on care.com in your area.

— Dang I didn’t know they could be that cheap! I’ll have to check around my area because I’d love to take the class even if I don’t decide to babysit. Thank you!!

— I honestly wouldn’t even do it I learned my lesson along time ago when my neighborhood cat bit someone and I was sued for unlawful babysitting. Definitely not worth the trouble if something so happens to go wrong.

— My mom told me the same thing when I wanted to baby sit. She said that her friend had a bad experience and was accused by the child of abusing her when it wasn’t true. She was strict and the kid didn’t like her. The charges ended up being dropped because they found out it was a false accusation

— @garay88, yeah their is far and few in between children I will babysit now lol simply because I don’t wanna get sued if it’s your own child no one sues you lol but it’s bad when you feel awful and get sued for someone eles child’s accidents and such. It doesn’t even have to be anything serious like a broken leg he’ll they can sue you over a scratch anymore lol shits too crazy