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y'all i'm at a loss i started using Luv diapers on the twin…

y'all i'm at a loss i started using Luv diapers on the twins well they would always wake up soaked (they sleep thru the night) so i tried putting 2 diapers on at night before buying something different cause luvs are pretty cheap and well when you got 2 diaper cost add up anyways that didn't work so i decided to do pampers and they just wear them at bedtime cause luvs work fine during the day well that still didn't work and with 2 it's gettin crazy having to change and wash bedsheets every day and i don't wanna wake em up in the middle of the night just to change them. i always change them at bedtime i never had the issue with jerri so i'm out of ideas


— I used huggies for my twins and the new baby they are amazing

— I always had my sons in pampers brand once my last son got bigger I started using overnight target brand holds in a lot of pee ;) I was surprised too and never leaked

— Honest overnights are awesome!

— Yes to the overnight diapers!!! Try them!!

— I always buy the next size up.

— Over night diapers!

— We moves to huggies little movers

— I agree with the above poster, huggies overnights works great! Scarlette is in pullups now but when she was younger, we used huggies overnights also !

— When I get up during the night, I make sure to check her and if shes the slightest bit wet, I change her. She sleeps through the diaper change. My princess is lazy and loves her damn sleep 😂😂😂

— Have you tried Huggies Overnights? I always thought those worked great.