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Has anyone been to the store today? My cousin people said t…

Has anyone been to the store today? My cousin people said they are going crazy again! No toilet paper and limited 1 per person water .


— Ugh really? Why are people so stupid.

— It’s my regular day off and it’s like no one here in Miami went to work the streets have been packed all day while I did errands my friends in ny said they began boarding up businesses

— Eek I swear people are going crazy ! I passed buy some grocery stores and the parking lots were packed. Luckily I have some toilet paper and water left.

— @mmgarcia81, I stocked up on sun I try to go every 2 wks to grocery store instead since this coronavirus started here in March

— I’m dreading I just need weekly stuff

— I haven’t been yet.. I sure hope not 🙄

— I've been but it was normal here in my town. I'm sure ppl are worried about the election though.

— Ugh I hope it's not too bad. We need toilet paper soon🙃

— Yes girl it's starting again

— I ordered groceries today and didn’t have trouble with anything I ordered. Well besides tater tots they didn’t have the mini ones I like 🤣. But I didn’t have TP on my list.

— What?! People are so goofy. I won't go anywhere until everyone chills out after the election.

— My husband went to Costco. Today to stock up. They’ve been limiting amounts your allowed to buy for weeks now