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Still no lights day 234

Still no lights day 234


— It's been chilly af and nice and dry here. And I'm right on the coast.

— In my Napoleon 🧨 voice .....luckyyyyyy

— We haven't had power since wednesday either, due to the storm. Thankful for this cool weather but I'd sure like to run the heater at night. And shower lol

— I kno this sux

— @lou-lou27 I mean, it could be a hell of a lot worse. It could be 10000° outside. Lol

— @yurmomsahoe, it feels like it Nd it’s humid

— How are you close to a year with no lights?? I'm SO confused??!

— Lol no I’m in New Orleans our lights have been out since Wednesday night cuz of the storm

— @lou-lou27, Dang! I was like you haven't had power in 234 days?!?! 😱🤣

— What in the world 😧