Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

Someone hit his terrible-twos early 🙄😅

Someone hit his terrible-twos early 🙄😅


— Beautiful family!

— Lol getting toddlers to take pictures is seriously the hardest thing in the world 😩 Like it just seems so simple, you sit there and smile... but nope not for a toddler 😂

— I’ve gotten so lucky with Faye. She’s always been perfect in front of the camera. And then eric was great up until a year old. Not as wonderful as Faye, but still good.

— Love the family pic, yelling and all! It captures family life perfectly! 🥰

— Beautiful pic! & family big sissys is like "omg here we go again" lol love this pic

— Hahah. Exactly!

— This reminds me so much of Taylor lmao

— Hahahah! Brat babies 😂

— @jennatess, lol forreal. I don’t remember Charley being this bad when she was his age