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Just to vent So we are doing virtual schools. (We love it) …

Just to vent
So we are doing virtual schools. (We love it)
Reason we made this choice is my son gets very bad upper respiratory infections and gets hospitalized because of them. He was sick last year from September till December maybe making it to school 1 time every other week he was always sick until we pulled him and homeschooled. That was with 10 kids in his class. Now to my point
NWEA testing is next month and they want all virtual kids to come to the school for testing...im annoyed I get they need to do the test but the reason we choose this option was for medical reasons and you want me to send him to school with 20 kids in his class during flu season and covid?


— Yikes that’s crazy! If he’s staying home for medical reasons they can’t force him to come in. What are they gonna do, drive to your house and kidnap him? Lol.

— Haha heck no they are to lazy for all that

— You can decline any type of testing as a parent. Most don’t decline the NWEA but they certainly can if they want to. It’s not a state required assessment - and even those can be opted out. The assessment is for the school to monitor his learning (which is valuable but can be given a pass during this pandemic). We are not requiring NWEA testing from our remote students this year.

Just say no, they can’t make you. It doesn’t need to be a battle. Just state why you are declining and leave it at that.

— Thank you I never knew they were not required.

— I would kindly remind the school we are still in the middle of a pandemic and they need to figure out their shit because your kids aren’t coming in 🤷🏼‍♀️

— Yeah my area is 2nd highest in our state for cases so yeah its a hard no

— Whaaaat?! We do the NWEA MAP test 3x a year. If they're worried about supervision, he can be on the webcam while he does it so they can see he is doing the work himself. It's a fast test, it takes about a half hour. They do math one week and language arts the next week.

I can't see being in some computer lab with all those other children now. There has to be an alternative with a doctor note.

— Yeah we will battle the school if its that important then send a staff member to my house im 5 minutes from the school and you can watch him take the test. They are crazy if im putting him in a room full of kids and him touching school stuff. After seeing him on breathing treatments for a week last fall and him struggling to breath heck no.

— @mom2godzilla They can work around it, they just have to want to or be made to. My kiddo has taken the test every year since kinder 3x a year, it is easy peasy. The teacher can log you in with a unique class code and watch him on the webcam. Any staff member could.

— @jenx yeah if they need it they can send someone here who passes a covid test. Im not a parent who will give into the school during these times if he was older I would feel better but 5 year olds spread so many germs so fast

— I'd get a letter from his pediatrician stating the high risk nature of his preexisting health condition and the previous hospitalizations. Then I would speak with his school counselor, principal, any one with decision making "powers" and seek the option of him being proctored one on one with you outside in the hall so you can make sure he is sanitized upon exit from the room and you can get him straight to the car. I think this is a reasonable accommodation based on the health needs of your child for his well being. I hope this idea helps you keep your baby safe!!!

— Thank you I already argued with the school when they said every kid was required to be screened for speech and they had to go to the school for that. I said he has no speech problems he was seen for his kindergarten checkup and they tested him hes fine. So we never showed up. They are 100 percent crazy if im bringing him into a building thankfully they know me and my husband because we had his daughter at the same school

— @mom2godzilla Of he wasn't high risk and got over normal illness without an issue that would be one thing. But for crying out loud, he is a baby who has been hospitalized for common illnesses and they want you to put a test over his health? I think NOT!!! I am not one for breaking rules or thinking "I'm special" often but there is an exception to every rule given a legitimate need. There is no reason they can't accommodate him. Heck, they could send a proctor to your home since he is so sensitive to getting ill. I'd approach that as an option also. Then the teacher could take off shoes, water foot coverings and mask, and your little boy would be as safe as possible.

— @xryztalroze we don't like our district anyways so if they give us to much we will pull him and go into full on homeschool but yeah I think this is ridiculous that any parent should have to send them if they chose virtual it was so a reason and bringing to the school is so what everyone is trying to avoid