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Advice: 🙋🏽‍♀️The last 4 days my LO haven’t been taking na…

Advice: 🙋🏽‍♀️The last 4 days my LO haven’t been taking naps. He will say sleep and I will take him upstairs wipe him off change him get his sleep sack on and feed him and rock him and he will be dead sleep and by the time I go lay him down his eyes are wide open and when I walk out the room I see him on the camera rolling around and screaming. He’s normally been good about naps and I don’t know what to do. Should I stop laying him down for naps ?


— Unfortunately both my kids stopped napping right around that time but they also slept 12+ hours at night.

So I'm going to be the odd ball here and say he doesn't HAVE to have a nap.

— I am so thankful about my son being a great night time sleeper !! That definitely is most important to me because I want to sleep at night lol. He’s been napping again now with advice from some of the other moms. It wouldn’t be bad about naps if I had breaks but I don’t it’s me 24/7.

— @luv_2b_amomma
That's one of the great times having my kids spaced apart as much as I do. My 8 year old was such a huge help when her sister was little!

— @raisinglittlegamers, haha yes same here ! I was adamant about having my kids spaced out because I was like I refuse to get up with mom than one kid at night lol 😂 aww isn’t it amazing how much they help out !? My oldest is always wanting to help me and is really like a extra pair of hands for me.

— My son went from being a religious mapper to no naps within days. Is still try and have him nap but maybe change it up and do less so you’re just laying him down or let him nap where he falls asleep! You may find he cuts out the nap on his own like my son did it it could just be a little hiccup and he continues

— @lexhernandez, wow I’m sorry! That really sucks and I know that’s hard to deal with. Especially if you can’t get things done with your little one being up. Have you tried maybe waking him up earlier ?

— @luv_2b_amomma, it was hard at first but then it just became a new routine for him and he started sleeping way better at night! He wakes around 7/7:30 and is in bed by 8/9! He’s been on that routine not long since stopping napping last summer!

— @lexhernandez, that’s definitely a plus that he is sleeping better at night for you. I guess for me I’m just so use to him sleeping so well all the time naps and night that it was confusing and hard to think about getting adjusted to. So glad he’s back to napping now.

— No, IMO he still should nap. Maybe try without the sleep sack and lay him down before he’s all the way asleep. My LO went through a sleep regression around 18months that lasted a couple weeks, I would still keep her on her schedule and just let her lay in her bed even if she didn’t sleep, so she could rest a bit but she went back to her normal sleep schedule. We still do one nap mid morning for about an 1hr and one in the afternoon for 1-2hrs and she sleeps all night from 8pm-7am.

— Ok I will keep doing his routine without the sleep sack. It’s been frustrating for me because nap time is the only time I get to do stuff and relax. Hopefully that helps. 2 weeks !? Oh no I hope this isn’t the case for us. He’s a great night sleeper but naps have been hard.