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PRAYER REQUEST PLEASE!!!!!!!!! My closest friend called to…


My closest friend called to tell me that her little girl who will not be 6 for a few months more was having rapid heart beat coupled with nausea, dizziness, and an "I don't feel like myself"(quoted) feeling. It has happened twice and she actually had to lay down today bc if it. She was sitting quietly when it happened both times and not up playing. The Dr told them if it happened again tonight to rush her to the ER and made an appointment to see her immediately in the morning. She has been having anxiety since Covid started bc she is a gifted child who is too intelligent and aware to hide anything from, but her anxiety has never caused these symptoms, and the Dr is concerned and will be checking her heart, maybe even putting her on a monitor and followed by other testing. Please pray for her that it is nothing more than anxiety and can be easily helped!!!! Concerned for her and praying for health, strength, and healing no matter that ailment.

Thank you in advance!!!!


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Good morning Ladies! Thank you so much!!! I am relaying all the well wishes to her. They are on the way to the appt. now. Praying for good news!!!

— Prayers

— Prayers and hugs. Keep us updated if possible.

— Prayers

— Sending my healing wishes to your friends’ little girl 💞 big hugs

— Praying 💕

— Sending prayers ❤

— Good thoughts going out to her. It does sound like it could very well be panic attacks. They could even be triggering migraines. Migraines do not always mean headache, it could be in the form of the dizziness, nausea and off feeling

— LordJesus Bless!!🙏❤

— Sending lots and lots of prayers!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

— I'm praying for her❤️

— How scary! Praying for her.

— sending prayers