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My Dads having his hernia surgery on 11/5. Guess I’m movin…

My Dads having his hernia surgery on 11/5. Guess I’m moving us in on 11/4 so I can handle 4 kids and my dad for 2 weeks.
I can’t lie, I’m nervous. Last time my kid wasn’t in school yet and the kids were bussed. My son will be in school for sure 2 days per week and my siblings go to two different schools. Looking at the map, it’s one big ass triangle. Four kids have counseling every week, my kid has ABA, swim lessons all that. Hubby works now and on his days off is doing his PT. My launch date is 11/7. Damn this is a lot to think about.

I can do this though...


— You got this!!

— I know sometimes when I have alot going on at once.. I always wonder how the hell I managed to get through it but nonetheless, I did get through it all. Us women are stronger than we give ourselves credit for !

— The family gym is at my fathers house actually so I’ll make good use of it

— @fairykarmamomma that's awesome !!

— Sounds hectic, but you got this !! That's alot to take on at once, but if anyone can do it... you can girl!!

— If I lived in Elk Grove I'd help you out ☺️

— That’s really sweet of you 💙. I’m taking my monthly B12 shot that morning before I drop him off!

— @misr_chick_plus_8, I already keep a schedule, it’ll look interesting putting my dads stuff into it and seeing how to make it work.

— It always take me hours... and that be me sitting there looking at me schedule like...damn...fuck...shit lol

— You’ve got this. You’re a rockstar.

— It'll be hectic, but you'll get through it. Make meals ahead, keep things as simple as you can. Cancel what isn't absolutely essential. Can anyone do counseling on the phone or a Zoom meeting?

— Unfortunately the only one who can skip their counseling is Zay. His dad can take him because it’s after work and can just keep him at our house on Tuesday’s. My siblings proved they need in person vs zoom. At least that’s right down the street from his house. I think I’ll have to do quite a bit of driving to make it all work and hubby won’t have no breaks either.
Food, that’s not gonna be that hard. This will the third surgery my dads had in the past 2 year. I’ve moved in and took over my dads house before. I’ll revive our
Taco night, spaghetti night, pizza night, cheap Chinese, and if it’s sunny I’ll grill and they’ll eat all those leftovers.

It’s gonna be a lot but I got it...

— @fairykarmamomma they're so lucky to have you. <3

— I think you got it.. write a small schedule and stick to it.

— You got this mama!