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Hermes is an joke order some stuff for willow just got deli…

Hermes is an joke order some stuff for willow just got delivered now the box was open and damaged if I make an complaint will they do anything about cos I heard they are bad company wen it come to delivery parcel


— I ordered something way over a month ago I received an email from Hermes telling me they’ll let me know when they’re going to deliver it and I’ve still no email and no item been delivered so I’ve basically paid for something I’m never going to see absolute joke! X

— I got a delivery from Hermes yesterday and it was left on the top of the skip in our driveway. Wouldn't mind but we were in the house and he didn't even know or anything just thankful I seen it before the skip was collected

— @kirikatrina that is disgusting how they just don't care and handle stuff . I've made an complaint but my mate said you never get an reply . Probably won't but just wanted to give them piece of my mind how they handle delivery xx

— @kezza, how did you make a complaint? I can’t find an email to get in touch with them x

— @bethapps 0330 808 5456 this is there number I found on Google for you to make complaint . Xx

— I dread when they bring my deliveries. One time (I was in all day) and they said they attempted to deliver but no one was In which I was, but I got it late on the next day. And another time I only got 3 items when I was expecting 4 so I contacted them and they said it’s been delivered I said no it’s not but they tried to tell me it had and the driver came back 4 hours later with the missing parcel x

— They utter joke xx

— I highly doubt they will do anything. We had stuff go missing and the company who sent it actually refunded us. And I actually noticed they no longer use them. My hermes did absolutely bugger all just kept being told they'd contact delivery driver and then relayed what delivery driver said and that was it.

— I wrote an complaint online to them depend if they message back but highly doubt it. My mate send me video before how hermes delivery treat package just shocking I guess no care or respect xx

— Actually fills me with dread if I order something and see Hermes are delivering it. I was living in flats last year and they put a note through the door and said they gave it to a neighbour. I had about 20 neighbours at the time as I was in flats and I eventually found they'd given it to someone not even close to me 😂 they dont even have a phone number you can ring xx

— I bet. It awful how they deal with parcel xx

— I'm not sure if they will do anything but I would also contact who you bought it from. They are terrible! I dont use them unless I have to

— I order it from amazon and hermes deliver it xx

— @kezza I've never known hermes to deliver amazon they usually have there own drivers

— @beveridge.s it said on my amazon delivery it be hermes delivery xx