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Moving in 2 days. Probably the worst choice I've made yet. …

Moving in 2 days. Probably the worst choice I've made yet. I mean good for my kids but not so much for me. I'm constantly alone already. So what am I going to do? Be alone in st. Pete.... Where there are homeless people and druggies walking around everywhere... I really hope this works out. But I'm not getting my hopes up. Sold my house in the moment. For a fairytale. But I guess that's where narcissists live. Fairy land.... I'm already staying in a hotel for a week or so to catch a break for my kids dad and think things through. I'm debating weather to take my kids with me. My oldest yes because he's not his kid and he can't handle my son. The toddler and baby I'm still not sure. But I also can't be without them for an entire week or even a day.... I don't know what to do.


— Thank you all for the advice

— Get rid of the dead weight and find Someone to watch the youngest then get a day job tell that bum dude to kick rocks get a attorney and make him pay child support don’t let yer kids suffer he can’t handle the oldest why?? Because it’s competition eww don’t be with a bum like that ppl don’t pick and choose ur kids

— Do NOT leave those children with him! If he can’t care for them as it is, you ALL need to get away from him!! This can be a huge blessing. Just try to be strong! Don’t go back to the abuse 🙏🏽

— There's NO way I'd be able to go withOUT my babies. I hope everything works out for you girl. Good luck Mama!

— I’d take them with you! Good luck hun save your money from your house and get you guys a place if it don’t work out.

— Sorry for all the miss spelled words.