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I woke up to Happy Picture Day Mommy!! 😁😁😁 How do you m…

I woke up to Happy Picture Day Mommy!! 😁😁😁

How do you mama do school pics? I feel they are a waste! 😅 do you guys buy Fall & Spring, don't do them but do family pics? Do your schools make you pay before or after?


— I paid before. But they also have the option to go online after they take the picture which is what my sister did. I was scared because I thought my son wouldn’t sit still or even smile and they turned out perfect! As soon as I pulled them out my backpack I got all teary eyed!

— Oh it would be nice to go online after. Awwww thats so sweet! I'm glad they turned out great!

— We homeschool and the pictures turned out better then when I remember get school pics when I was a kid 😂 those are a waste of money

— 🤣 no matter the prep!

— We do school pictures in the spring and fall. I purchase them because a fraction of the money does go to the school or pta (can't remember which). We don't take professional pictures of our family only candids throughout the year so I send school pictures to family.

— Honestly, I'd rather give the full amount I just spent on 6 hard copies to the school or the kids teacher. It's more about I'm getting one unknown pose of each child individually and my 4th isn't even in school yet! Lol I told my mom I'd rather buy a yearbook and put over $80 worth towards pics I'd actually like.

Last year I was spoiled because I got digitals of all 4 kids together and individuals for ½ the price and I was there to do last min touch ups. 🙃😆

— @scidg3 my daughter's school does years books that you can personalize. I loved making her one last year. Plus her individual picture and class photo was in it. Maybe bring it up to your pta as an option.

But yes I get it. I only have one so it doesn't cost me a small vacation to buy school pictures 😂.

— @massgirl oh that's cool! Idk when we get class pics but they said Fall pics are the ones going in yearbooks.

— In elementary we do the smallest package so we can get the class pic. (The only way to get it.) We get to see all pics before buying. I only buy spring pics after elementary. Usually just a 8x10 or the digital copy if I can. Unless it’s a special school function or occasion.

— I love the classroom pictures. I think it's so cute to see how the other kids grow and also it's a good reference to see who my kiddos new friends are

— I couldnt figure out how to get digital copy, I'd rather that only! Lol

— I buy fall and spring pictures, i loveeee the background options. The yearbook is included in the spring package.

— @scream.queen I don't think there is a school code either. I folded the top because it has where I live.

— @scidg3, Jeeze 😂 it doesn't have the name of the school and code? You could email them for the code number then. If you don't have a code how are you supposed to order lol

— @scream.queen I just filled out the paper and wrote a check to them.

— I don't buy them, because I like take them myself! But I do make them match on picture day so the yearbook picture has matching sisters 😌

— I'm late to the party and finding out the expensive way! 😆 I matched my 3 today too! They are in the same class this year. 😍 Do you use a phone or camera?

— @scidg3 camera! I have a nikon 🙂

— We used to buy them. BUT like you said being an aspiring photographer myself; their a waste, way too expensive. I just do them myself.

They made us pay before hand but then now give us the option to also go online afterwards and see the picture before purchasing.

— @scidg3 right? Like you just know they are gonna look uncomfortable anyways and even my 6th grader this year didn't care enough to fix her hair this year before theirs. 🤣

I have a camera, a Nikon b500 that I use. Your post reminded me I've gotta get to the store and get batteries so I can get my kids fall photos done.

— @witchyxmomx4 I've already text my husband, im going to look into it. I could do my sisters kids too!

— @scidg3 yay! Good luck!

— We only have fall school pictures. We buy them every year. If the first ones turn out horrible, they offer retakes, but we’ve haven’t had to do that so far. We haven’t had professional family pics since my son was 4, so we get his school and sports pics each year. And yes, we have to pay ahead of time.

— I didnt even think about sports! 🤦‍♀️ Now I know why ppl get into photography! 🙃

— @scidg3, I love his sports pics. We always get a team pic, so it’s a neat way to save those memories for him. Plus, the school and sports pics make great Christmas presents.