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Going to give this a try and hope I at least don’t bounce o…

Going to give this a try and hope I at least don’t bounce off the walls or start doing the jitter bug. My baby still wakes up 3-4 times a night. I’m exhausted 😩


— All energy drinks make me shake !!

— @luvbeingamom18 I've tried several different kinds and I couldn't stop shaking, all the ones I've tried. Something that is in them does it to me everytime, it's crazy because I drink coffee every morning, of course no more than 2 cups, but still...

— @angikay, That’s a bummer. I wouldn’t be able to stand the shaking either. I used to bounce off the walls when I first drank caribou but that was about it. Doesn’t bother me anymore.

— @luvbeingamom18 lol... nope, just a few sips in and I was shaking... I was like nope, can't do it ! Pre-pregnancy, I could drink about 4 cups of coffee throughout the day and never shake.

— Vanilla flavor

— I’m going to try vanilla next time, I’ll probably like that better.

— Thr ones like this that say double shot is way better

— Vanilla ones are better. I don't like the mocha

— I’ll try that one next. Sounds good.

— I had a monster triple shot this morning And I’m definitely jitter bug 😬😬

— My husband likes to drink those. Thankfully I’m not bouncing off the walls. It did wake me up which I was hoping for.

— @luvbeingamom18, that’s good lol

— That pillsbury boy😍

— Haha yeah my aunt gave it to me. It’s a cookie jar. Pillsbury boy everywhere in her house.

— @luvbeingamom18, I love it!

— These look strong lol I know the normal ones in the other bottles aren’t that great

— It’s definitely not the best tasting but it woke me up. I’ve had the ones in the glass bottles and those did nothing for me.

— How does it taste? 🤔😬

— It’s not sweet that’s for sure. Tastes like a muscle milk with lots of vitamins in it if that makes sense. It definitely woke me up and I haven’t even finished it yet.

— @luvbeingamom18 🥴 i don't think I could do it! Since I was little I've never been able to down an ensure.