Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

For yall preggos out there: Use kinesiology tape its cheap…

For yall preggos out there:

Use kinesiology tape its cheaper. Water proof for showers or swimming and you can arrange it in quite a few different patterns and they come in awesome colors and you can wear it for up to 5 days and then reapply new strips



— Does it actually work?? Have you tried it??

— I didn't get a chance to try it because the weight of the baby didn't bother me til 33-35wks

— @bait_4_bitter_bitchez yeah, the weight of my last baby didn't bother me either. I didn't gain hardly anything at all, she was very small. But this pregnancy is much different and baby is growing at a faster rate so I'm sure I'll need it as I'm a small lady!

— @angikay oh ok

— I'll have to try it this pregnancy !!

— Awesome ok

— When I was pregnant I worked for a chiropractor who worked with k tape. I had this done a few times when I was and I have to say it helped me when my low back and hip were driving me nuts!

— Awesome thanks for reinforcing

— Neat! Thanks girl❤️

— Welcome

— @sammenewborn @lifewithlynnieandwill88