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RANT! You know what I feckin loooooove? When a parent trie…

You know what I feckin loooooove? When a parent tries to rant to me about something and I completely shut them down!!
Bloody stupid mother comes tone to complain on the school run that the reception children aren’t getting enough drinks during the day. Funny that! As they have specific drink times in the day when they teachers sit with them and pours them all water and they have a biscuit and snack and they have access to drinks all day. They even send the parents photos of it.
She comes ranting to me about how her son came out of school yesterday and had 7 drinks in half an hour of getting home. School clearly aren’t giving him drinks... OH REALLY?!?!?! Because the kid say next to Lola in yesterday’s pictures looks EXACTLY like your kid! Funny that 🙄🙄🙄

So now she’s sending her kid in with a water bottle, which is against school covid policy, and said she can’t wait for the school to call her about it.
Right bloody not in the mood for a meeting at school.
I swear to god I’ve had nothing but grief off this mother for so long. Always has something to complain about and then wonders why her kids are so scared about going to school. 🖕🏻


— I hate when parents try to make up their own rules for school! No water bottles means no water bottles! The teacher would never refuse your child a cup of water 🤫
Our school allows water bottles but they have to be labelled x

— How wierd, we are allowed water bottles at Jago's school. I would have thought sharing cups is more of a covid risk. I bet her child isn't drinking at drink times and he just needs reminding, especially as it's so hot! Can't believe she got so angry about it.
On another note, today I joined the world of school drop off mum and am already naused out! I think I'm going to be a "don't look at me or talk to me" kind of mum!

— They all have their own specific cup with their name on. The older kids bring their own but they provide for the littles. They are brilliant with it, like they sit down and monitor them drinking. I’m a governor so parents hunt me down when they are pissed off about something.
Welcome to the works of school run mums 😂 they are worse than the kids at times!

— @mrsbodell as a school governor are you allowed to say "get a life" to parents? If so, I'm joining.

— @mrsmowmow, haha I have to smile and nod and “take their points on board” I have to be partial but some of the complaints are stupid.
Then I just text the head and say you’ve got another complaint coming 😂

— There’s always one! We bring bottles of water for the walk to school and I do the same for the walk back, it’s really not that difficult.

— I always bring a bottle with me, especially at the end of the day when they are all tired out. Honestly she always has something to complain about. Reckons she’s going to the doctor to get a doctors note to say her son is suffering from dehydration and the school is abusing him 🙄

— @mrsbodell, 😂😂😂 type of mother to dehydrate her kid before the doctors appointment to make sure she gets that note. Abuse 🤦🏻‍♀️what is wrong with people?