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So im on birth control. I have the mirena. Yes i have sex. …

So im on birth control. I have the mirena. Yes i have sex. Not all the time but i do. Anyway i been on it for 3 years. My stepgrandmother ask me all the time if im pregnant. The woman hasn't seen me in at least 5 years. Now she literally ask me everyday if im pregnant. I have 3 kids what im going to do with 4. Its rude to ask or even say im fat.
I gained alot of weight with overeating and stress. Not to mention. AGAIN I BEEN ON BC FOR 3 YEARS. i did my research before i went on birth control. It makes you gain weight. And im depressed i eat way too much 🍫. 😂😂😂


— I got pregnant on the mirena lol

— Lol

— The one on makes me look im in my 1st tri fuckn brith control i swear I want it out but my husband is scared he will get me pregnant again

— My response would be,"No ma'am, just fat and sassy from all that happiness my family brings." If that doesn't quiet her I'd have a really respectful "mind your own" conversation with her and tell her politely but firmly that though you appreciate her concerns you'd prefer she not ask you that question any more. And tell her truthfully that though you don't owe her an explanation you are on medication that contirbrutes to your weight gain. If she can't respect your need for respect tell her you need some space and time to yourself. I'm sorry her questions hurt your feelings. It wouldn't bother me bc I have a different way of dealing with things but I hope this helps you. For me if just repeat the original "fat and sassy" comment each time until she either gets it or grows uncomfortable from it. Have a good night and don't let anyone get you down.

— Thank you mama. Thatt was helpful.

— @piercedmom3 🥰

A little thing to make you laugh:

I was a serious athlete for years and in the military but I became a flight attendant and as it usually happens gained some weight. On top of that if you've ever worn panty hose, you know they roll down and give muffin top to even the thinnest of girls. Well, one day on an international flight I was A. Chubby from the weight gain, B. Bloated from the flight, and C. My panty hose had rolled down and I was too busy on the cart to run to the lav to pull them up properly. Sooooo.... I had major bloated muffin top going on. This sweet old man, out of true curiosity, and kind concern asked me how far along I was. My shocked but truthful response was,"I'm not pregnant, I'm fat." He was so embarrassed and his wife was mortified. She hit him and told him to "shut up". I really felt bad for him and wasn't offended at all, but down the road after I had my babies I was embarrassed. I had to remember the transformation my body had gone through had a purpose. And the humor I had back then. When I get my motivation back to get fit again (I did during and after my first pregnancy, but somehow not with my second) then I will. Until then the only person who has to be happy with my body is myself and my DH. And yes, I actually use the same line I have you. It makes people squirm and I got it from my aunt. Lol.

— @xryztalroze lol

— Yeah that's not cool. Next time I would say tell her something.

— I do. All the time. I tell im depressed. And i like freaking 🍫. Abd her saying that isnt helping. And i would know if i was pregnant.

— @piercedmom3 exactly! You would know before anyone lol

— @oggirl.mom exactly