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Any other moms stay at home with their babies/kids? Do you …

Any other moms stay at home with their babies/kids? Do you struggle with it.

I am desperately struggling. Been a stay at home mom for 12 years (with jobs here and there but the main 12 years I've been a stay at home mom) and I just am so unhappy the last few months. It's taking a toll on me. I'm assuming it's that I'm not sure. All I know is I wake up in the morning and first thing I say to myself if dammit I dont want to do this. And it's a struggle for me to get anything done anymore. Even before i go to bed i think of how i just dont want to do this n the morning lol. Its something else.


— I’m sorry that you’re struggling.

I’m not a stay at home but I relate to how you’re feeling 100% because that’s how I feel about going to work and my daily routine.

— It can be brutal

— Quarantine makes it harder, for sure

— I went threw this super bad, and I went back to work part time than back to full-time

— I’ve been feeling this lately with the social distancing. We use to be so active within our community kids programs & kids museum & now we’re just home all the time. It’s getting to me. Hang in there, momma! You’re not alone!! 💜

— Routine fatigue is real. It’s especially hard when you can’t really go out and do things. Try to switch up routines now and then, and try to find time for yourself. It will get better

— I feel this. Hopefully things look up ❤️

— Thanks

— Yup been doing it 15 just gotta find hobbies I guess or have a outlet if u don’t have that it can drive u crazy I started photography when my youngest was little and that opened so many doors for creativity and if your interested in learning a trate it’s never too late to start I’m about to start looking into cosmetology school while there gone all day I’m sure it gets lonely for you as well.. it use to hit hard at night when I danced and had to be gone nights

— These 2 past weeks has been really hard for me.its finally looking up. Hang in there mama!

— That's good!