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Just checked my emails I got an email for my sons school. H…

Just checked my emails I got an email for my sons school. He was diagnosed with adhd 2 years ago. His principal actually suggested I get him tested. The emails says she is concerned for Mateo. Hes missed alot of classes which he hasnt missed not 1 day. The school year just started. He has been in e learning for 2 weeks because of a positive covid case but is supposed to go back tomorrow. So I'm just wondering how the hell is he missing school. Also she write in the email about is he still having learning issues and if so we need to discuss options. I'm assuming she means his adhd. Only thing I can think of. I incredibly dislike this lady so much she is so stuck up with everything she says and basically pushes my son to the back of the class alot. I'm so nervous for the conference I have with her next week


— He’s skipping classes girl 🤣 he’s there but not present in class I’m guessing and I’d say iep mine was on that since like 4 th grade

— How is attendance being recorded then? Don’t let her do that to you or your son. You need to fight and be his advocate! Is he on a 504 or IEP?

— Through virtual I'm not sure. Hes back at school today though and his school doesnt offer any of that. Hes changing schools for that reason when he starts middle school next year

— Who wrote the email? Has he been turning in his work electronically? Do they have zoom meetings? Has he been going? If he hasn’t been turning in work or attending the virtual classes then that counts as missing school when they’re in remote. But if he’s been turning his stuff in that’s pretty easy to prove to them since it’s all electronic. Maybe you should call her tomorrow and clear up the confusion. Why are you having a conference in a week? Sorry so many questions, just trying to get a feel for what’s going on.

— Because of his missing stuff and attendance. They want a meeting. Hes been turning everything in that's why I'm confused. He has virtual class meetings but hasnt been able to get into the meeting so hes been doing his work independently. She knows that it hasnt been working. And I have a big feeling that's what she means when she says about his attendance. I've had this problem before where she completely doesnt listen to the situation