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Had anyones toddler had a vitamins deficiency? For the last…

Had anyones toddler had a vitamins deficiency? For the last 2/3 months my toddler hysterically screams and holds his shins, usually when getting down from a chair, docs said if it was night time its growing pain but it's in the day so he said low vitamin d can cause shin pain and soft bone. March-August he had a mostly vegetarian diet at home, and in march I was giving vitamin supplements to help in case she caught anything at nursery. Since september he is back at nursery eating meat at least 3 times a week and having vitamins for 3 days a week (as they give him loose stools)


— Maya has low iron

The pains could be growing pains? Xx

— Maybe, we will see what the blood test says
He gets hysterical though like ... ita like hea been shot he will be in the middle of playing and suddenly fall down holding his shin screaming his head head off

— Has he hurt his shin before this as sometimes that can cause a child to remember and think its sore still

— Not really but he jumps all the time and doesnt land with his knees bent but the GP on the phone didnt seem to think that could be a reason

— Go back to the gp and ask for thorough blood tests that way they can see if he needs a loading phase of medication and a certain amount daily, I’d rather loose stools than being low in vitamins especially with all these illnesses around xx

— I have to pick up a blood test referral to hospital form on monday but our city has just gone back inti lockdown so he said I will have to phone them and ask what the procedure is, as before it was just a walk-in blood test service.

— @stacey1991, oh ffs how’s your luck 😩I hope you are able to get them done soon! X