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Does anyone have an older girl with adhd? What are their si…

Does anyone have an older girl with adhd? What are their signs/symptoms/ behaviours?

We're seeing our GP next week for assessment as also possible depression and anxiety

I've had a phone consultation and from what I've told him he wanted to assess her asap! But stated that my daughter being sometimes full on and fidgety is more of a sign for girls?!

We've had little concerns but just thought she was boisterous but as she's gone through puberty etc her behaviour is worse

More so seeing her more in lockdown


— Oh really! She wants food all the time and tries to sneak snacks etc but we have had to move them and tell her she has to have dinner first. She also wants something before she goes to bed but we try and stop food an hour before. Oh right ok thanks. I will get in touch with the GP x

— Not adhd but asd. My daughter is all the above but hand flaps, makes a massive deal out of everything, can’t stand to have her hair washed/brushed, Hayes toothbrushes, noises set her off, can’t handle crowds or small places. She doesn’t sleep and can be very aggressive. Things like only wearing black leggings etc. She can concentrate in class and is average but that’s because girls are good at mimicking. She doesn’t have friends her own age and is constantly seeking attention. She was super late with walking, potty training etc. She over eats and has no ‘full’ feeling xx

— @miss_bubbles, you won’t. We tried all the fidget toys etc a expanding ball and the chew buddies the only things she has taken to. My smaller one it’s ribbons and usually the same toys only x

— @vixster the doctor was useless really. Wants us to wait til after half term see if she settles.

Teachers have picked up on her fidgeting and although haven't contacted me. Have put things in place for her.

I've noticed she's starting to like jug her head once to the side and clears throat and high squeal.

Shes now stated a teacher in class shouted which triggered her fidgeting. Resulted in teachers noticing
Says she doesnt like how loud it gets at break times

— @miss_bubbles, sounds like my girl I had to get her ear defenders for break time and now the flush of a toilet really upsets x