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First i wanna say thank you to everyone who sent their pray…

First i wanna say thank you to everyone who sent their prayers congratulations etc. been a crazy few days both babies are in the NICU but doing well. Emma is hooked up to a lot of stuff but she's made it thru the first 48 hours so that's a good sign and she's improving. Emily doing great now she had a rough first 2 days too but she's doing so much better and looking like she will get to come home next week if she keeps doing good. me and dad got to come home today im doing good still sore from where they tried to do the epidural twice and failed but now that i'm home i can rest a little better


— Congrats love.

— thank you

— 🙏🙏🙏🙏 my twins were in the nicu for 3 months hopefully you’re will come home within the next week

— Glad they are getting better!! And you take all the rest you can because you will need it! Lots of love mama

— Congratulations 💖💖. Beautiful pic!! X

— Congratulations! 🎉

— Congratulations 🎉

— Gorgeous picture

— So sweet! Congratulations!!! 💕

— Congratulations !! What a beautiful picture!!

— Congratulations!!! ❤️ 😭

— What a beautiful picture. 😍😍 Congrats Mama! Go home and rest as much as you can, while you can girl!

— Beautiful picture! Prayers for continued strength for your babies 💕💕💕

— Awwe I love the name Emma 😍
Congratulations to your beautiful baby girls!! 💕💕

— Congratulations love!

— Get your rest love.. I keep the girl in my prayers tonight.