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I just started exercising, and this is torture, lol. I'm do…

I just started exercising, and this is torture, lol. I'm doing a lot of core building exercise and it hurts so bad 😂 kinda rethinking this healthy lifestyle bit, lol

I'm so garbage at them. As soon as I start, my stomach starts burning. I can't even do 10 seconds without collapsing from exhaustion... this is not the life

I've always been 135 lbs until 2017 where I stepped on a scale and found out I was 140 lbs, don't even know when that happened. Now, 3 years and 1 pregnancy later, I'm 143 lbs, lol. I'm going back to 135! Lol


— This is why I would work out for two days and give up and try again in a month... its difficult lmao

— 😂 that's me, but I'm trying to be more consistent now

— I love working out. Def make sure u stretch before and after. U will get better and less exhausted the more u do it. Keep it up

— Yes, I must find a warm up routine, lol, or I might break something. Great tip! I didn't even think about cool down exercises

— @wittyusername, yes u def need a good warm up and cool down routine! U could break something if not lol!!

— I do Piyo and it really focusing on building core muscles. When I first started, I could move for a few days, but now it just feels really good when I do the workouts.

— What's PiYo, I'd try it after I've built up some level of endurance, lol

— Core work is the hardest, I get that. You have to give yourself some grace because at least you’re working in it. With time and patience I bet you’ll surprise yourself. I just finished working out myself. I’m trying to get back to 155-160 and I’m 5’7” and 173 right now. I was 297 at my highest weight. You blessed the world with life, you can do this!

— I hope I surprise myself! I hope I keep constant. Good luck on your journey, you're gonna crush it, again

— I need to work on my core strength as well. I'm pretty sure my abdominal muscles have atrophied. I'm kind of worried I will be too weak to push when I give birth this time 😅

— @momof3.98 😂😂 you just killed me with this comment! Hopefully the baby will help, kinda move towards the sound of your doctor's voice when it's time, lol

— It takes a long time to build up your core after a pregnancy. Don’t be discouraged. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable, that’s how you get results. You should try to mix up the workouts though so you focus on arms, shoulder, back and legs. Your core will strengthen with every exercise even if it’s not directly targeted.

— @2sweetie even though it's been 2 years? I was hoping I was just an exercise beginner in terrible shape and that's why I find it difficult, lol. Thank you, I'm getting such great advice! I'm glad I made this post ❤

— @wittyusername, yes but it depends how damaged your abs are. Some women can snap right back, some can’t. I have a gap in my abs which is called diastasis recti so my belly sticks out even though the rest of my body is thin. I have very weak abs because of the gap. It also depends what kind of workouts you’re doing. If you’re just doing cardio and crunches that’s not gonna tone your whole body. You need weight lifting.

— Girl yes I'm 145 and wanna get down to the 120s and its killing me I fight with my self every fuckin day to do it 😤

— @hakunamafuckitall that is the truth! I've never done any exercising before, I've always had a pretty good metabolism, but now I gotta actually work to keep my pounds down, smh. It's tragic 😂

— @wittyusername haha I feel ya i hate doing it ugh 😑. But stretching helps wonders jt also releases so stress and tension i try to stretch daily even if thats all I get done

— @hakunamafuckitall I'm going to start stretching, I'm a knucklehead for not doing it, like duh!

— *gives you a dirty face because I’ve gained 30lbs in 3 years and can’t get rid of it*

— ❤ join me in the torturing of body parts! My legs and belly and on fire, lol
I'm also power walking... because, you know... I can't run 😩