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I knew when I took this job, it would be hard. I took it be…

I knew when I took this job, it would be hard. I took it because my in laws told me they would be able to watch the kids for the 45 minutes that we need because I just barely miss my SO every day. I know they have no obligation to but now I’m stuck. So now I either have to find a babysitter/daycare with all this coronavirus going on or just quit my job and have absolutely no money besides paying bills. Thing is I need my job if we ever want to get out of this 2 bedroom, if we ever want to succeed in life besides being trapped and unhappy... mommas what would you do? My grandma WILL watch them if I have no other option but she already has custody of my niece who is 4 and my stepsisters put a lot on her so I don’t want to do that to her..

The stress of no sleep on me and my SO adds to it all and it’s hurting us badly. We just want the best for our kids and I feel no matter what I do I can’t figure this out. I tried staying at home but I got tired of never having any extra money. We tried to make it work by me being on night shift but that still doesn’t work when I have to be there at a certain time and he doesn’t get off until after that time.


— I would find a babysitter or pay the Grandma to do it that way you don’t feel all that bad.
You probably wouldn’t want to stay home and do penny pinching. You’ll be limited to what you can do and be bored type thing.

— If it works out that you have some money left over after paying a baby sitter, it would be the best option to get a baby sitter. Look into if your state/county has childcare help for employed parents. You might be able to get a daycare voucher, and that might help a lot

— I’m about 2 hours from you. I live in LG. Can either one of your jobs help with the time starting or leaving? What do you do for work?

— I work at a chicken plant pretty much. Im on 90 day probation period. If I’m late even once/ miss a day they will fire me. His boss knows our situation and just doesn’t care. He just says well y’all will have to figure it out. When I had a morning shift job he told my SO I HAD TO get a night shift job because he got tired of my SO having to be home in time to get our kids.

— I would find a babysitter and save the extra money that I would be making to put towards an emergency fund or move. If your SO is only making enough to cover the bills then you really can't afford to stay home.

— I know. And it has sucked because in high school I worked and had started saving big. I love to save and have money for when we need it. I’m just so scared that the option I choose for my children won’t be the right one. We don’t know anyone around here so we don’t even know where to begin on baby sitters. Care.com I guess? But our town is so small people here don’t even sign up for stuff like that..