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update : both babies made their super fast arrival around 3…

update : both babies made their super fast arrival around 3:30 doctor broke Baby A water about 12:30 was at 4 bout hour later contractions picked up to about 2 mins apart started hurting for about a hour so said go ahead with epidural started trying for the epidural i don't even know for how long tbh i would never do that again for some reason they couldn't find a spot to do mine then felt Emma coming so told em i was feeling pressure they told me that normal i said no i feel like baby coming now pressure Emma was coming they still tried epidural while gettin the doctor in lady checked me and her head was right there lady offered to do another type of numbing (spinal something) but i declined i was done sittin like that and was ready to push perfect timing doctor came in said we weren't going to be moved to OR we were having babies right there
i don't know exact lengths or times to be honest it happened all so fast and was trying to listen to 500 people talk to me at once

Emma was 5.62 lbs she is in NICU due to her sugar being low
Emily 4.63 lbs she is in NICU due to being anemic so she needs blood and observation cause she is on the lil side
i'm in a regular room now truthfully ready to go home already but finally gettin left alone for more than 5 mins


— Congrats, i hope your babies get to go home with you. My twins were in the nicu until they were 3 months. I did have them early but now they are 8 months now.

— Congratulations!!!!! 🥰🥰

— Congratulations!!!!

— Congrats momma

— Massive congratulations to u all!!!! Xxx

— Omg, congratulations gorgeous!❤😍


— Huge congratulations beaut!!!! Hope you and your little girls are doing great!!!! 💜💜

— Congratulations! That is actually a very good story.

— Yay! Congrats mama! I hope they're healthy and out if the NICU soon. ❤

— Congrats love!!!

— Omg congratulations!!!! So proud of you and the girls!!!❤❤

— Wow what a story!
Congrats honey! You did fantastic!

— Congratulations 💓

— Congrats on your twin girls & get lots of rest too