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I’m a bad mom lol My kids wake up around 8 and I don’t fe…

I’m a bad mom lol

My kids wake up around 8 and I don’t feed them breakfast till 11 so I know they extra hungry and that’s that’s breakfast and lunch and I only gotta feed them dinner at 5-6 lol

They tore they played up French toast bacon eggs and yogurt


— My son needs to eat immediately. He wakes up at 7am and nurses then I have to give him fruit while I make breakfast then he eats breakfast. There’s no way he’d wait til 11am to eat. By 11:30 he’s ready for lunch. My daughter on the other hand hates eating breakfast. She gets up at 8:30/8:45 and we’ve already eaten breakfast so I have to make her something separate. But she just wants to play so I have to force her to eat it. If I left it up to her then she’d wait til 10:30 to eat breakfast. But I’m not gonna spend my whole day in the kitchen, she needs to eat at mealtimes. She’s very thin so I can’t have her skipping meals.

— If they’re not hungry and asking for food then that’s a win 🤷🏽‍♀️

— I would be careful who you tell that to. When my aunt made a DCS report on us she told them my 2 year old didnt have breakfast yet at 11am ONE morning that we brought him over to her house when we were having a tough time and DCS made the argument that we were neglecting him even tho he normally eats at 8am.

— That’s a dumb claim lol

I’m not worried anybody can come and see my kids weight a good weight and my fridge is stocked

Some kids barely eat a full meal because they are not big eaters

— @mamaof2soon
Yeah it really is. But even after seeing he is a little chunky butt and we had our kitchen full of food, the investigator we had was a psycho. It definitely depends on who you get investigating your case. Lol

— I don’t mean no disrespect on this and I’m just asking so the kids only eat twice a day? And nothing from 12-5/6

— Two big meals sometimes breakfast/lunch about 1030-1100. They nap from 1-3 and then wake up have like
apple sauce yogurts fruits bars throughout the day and then dinner about 6 (they have like juice and milk and water through day as well )

— @mamaof2soon, ohh okay I mean shit if they aren’t hungry and they are healthy it is what it is. I wish my kids would be like that 😅🤣🤣 my daughter starts eating as soon as she wakes up at 7:30AM

— My kids choose to do the same most days... the baby wakes up and has fruit and yogurt or yogurt drink then when the older kids eat breakfast he will eat again.

— That's not being a bad mom. That's being an incredibly clever!!!

— Lmao that's a parenting win. I do the same thing. Breakfast at 10 or 1030 then lunch at 1 or 2 and then dinner. That way they eat no snacks and it saves me money

— We don’t even eat lunch 😢

These kids eat fruit and stuff in between some come dinner they be HUNGRY and then devour the dinner

— @mamaof2soon I have days like that. I'll make them fruit plates and crackers with yogurt. It just depends on the kids. They only want pb&j for lunch so I dont do it everyday

— That's about my schedule to but my kids always hungry lmao