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Getting all set up and starting some refreshers on Bug’s “s…

Getting all set up and starting some refreshers on Bug’s “school” 😅
Any tips from other moms/teachers/etc. as to what I should start with? What supplies I should grab? Anything?? 😬


— Someone actually gave it to us. But it’s the Little Tykes brand. You may be able to find it online

— That would be so helpful for my daughter. If I may ask. Where did you get it?

— 1 2 3 4 5
11 12 13 14 15
21 22 23 24 25
I made a chart similar to this to help my dd with numbes. She caught on pretty quick

— For you, get a binder to take notes each day about the work done. That way you can go back and check your notes to see progress or struggles and you'll know what to move on from and what to continue working on. I did that with my dd and it helped me immensely!!! Flash cards are great, make Aa Bb Cc and 123 charts, colors, shapes. Lots of books. I also made a chart for my dd to help her keep her focus. I had school rules and if she followed them she got to put a sticker in the box at the end of the week she got a reward like a trip out for ice cream or the park, a movie night etc....

— Those are awesome ideas! Thank you so much! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to keep a binder of my own or the stickers/rewards thing!

— @mamallama2317 awe, your welcome. I did this for my dd when she was younger and I went overboard but it worked out great!!! I tried to make it as similar to school as possible. All her charts were hung up around her desk so she could use them as examples when writing. If I remember anything else I did I'll let you know.

— Use flash cards for number and letters - or anything else, schools use them too. Also, idk if you’re anticipating the use a lot of print outs in which case a printer would be a must. Many online learning resources offer age appropriate activity sheets, take advantage of them. I also love the work books sold at Walmart/Target because they follow a pretty standard curriculum. You got this!

— Yes! I definitely have to get a printer ASAP! We use Khan Academy for several different things because it’s free and she loves it! But I do need to go looking for some work books and flash cards! Thank you 💕

— There's a website to print handwriting for their name. Print that off put it in a file protector then use a dry erase marker to go over it again and again. You'll save some paper that way 😄

— I actually bought a sheet protector thing at the dollar tree that I had completely forgot about 😍

— Crayons, paper, glue. Focus in number and letter recognition first. Get her to write her name first. Remember writing all capital is easier than writing lower case for them

— We’ve got those supplies thank goodness lol. And do you have any tips on how to help her learn/how I can better teach her to do those things? She counts to 10 with no help and is working towards 15 but I can’t get her to understand how to recognize the numbers. I’m not sure if she just isn’t catching on yet or if I’m not teaching it to her good enough 😅