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Babies with dairy allergies what was your child’s first rea…

Babies with dairy allergies what was your child’s first reaction like? And how old were they? My son was allergic to dairy but he was a bit older when we found out and it was definitely noticeable. I think my daughter might be allergic as well!


— My daughters sensitivity wasn’t apparent until after a year old. We tried switching to dairy milk and no matter how slow we did it she started puking again and went from sleeping through every night to never sleeping through but waking up crying inconsolably for hrs wanting more milk! This explains a little better why her reflux was so bad until about 7 months. I suspect she may grow out of it because we did have a few 7-12 months old seemingly without issue like she got used to it. For now she is on flax milk and we avoid most dairy foods.

— So she just has a sensitivity but not a allergy right? Did she get any hives or anything on her face?

— @mommakaylax3, correct not an allergy at this point. No hives.


— @ekko, oh wow that’s scary!! My son is allowed to eat anything dairy now just can’t drink straight milk. He can have milkshakes and stuff

— @ekko, well I’ll pray your upcoming baby is allergy free!

— @mommakaylax3, Thank you! Good luck with figuring things out with your daughter! It’s definitely stressful.

— My daughter was presumably born with a dairy allergy but was continually misdiagnosed until she was 9 months. She always spit up her food, breast milk and formula ( primarily bm), she didn't get better with any meds they gave her for acid reflux. She screamed and was clearly uncomfortable until she was about six months. She had horrible eczema (the worst a dermatologist had seen on a baby) she would itch her eczema to the point where it bled and nothing helped it. looking back she had swollen eyes from basically the beginning. I took her to countless doctors to try to find out what was wrong.

She had an ear infection and I took her to see a different doctor in the practice. She suggested soy formula and a dairy free diet for me since I was breast feeding too after looking at my daughter's eczema that weekend. It seemed like the soy formula helped overnight. After that I was referred to an allergist who did blood work to confirm that kiddo had a dairy allergy.

— @mommakaylax3 it's probably a dairy allergy. My mom accidentally gave kiddo lactose free yogurt instead of dairy free and she broke out in hives. I would see an allergist to confirm and get tests done

— @massgirl, I’m going to. I can either do a blood test or the back prick. Ugh I definitely don’t want to go through with another kid having an allergy it’s so rough I feel like

— @mommakaylax3 I personally went with the blood work so there would be no errors. Plus sitting still in an office would have been harder for me trying to keep her still after she got pricked