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So long story short, I went to the store with my mask on, a…

So long story short, I went to the store with my mask on, another lady entered before me and had ordered some food which she also had her mask on too. Well the dumb lady that was about to take her order asked the women “are you sick” and the women says “why” and the lady said “because you have your mask on”. The women said “well it’s about to become a law to have your mask on and plus we should all be safe by having a mask 😷”. So the dumb lady literally denied her services because she had a mask on. Since I heard everything that was going on, the damm manager at the store didn’t even do anything about it. I told the manager right before I left, “you need to fire your damm employee for denying services to someone with a mask on”.


— There’s people who don’t wear here them too .

— That’s funny cuz I don’t wear it 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

— Lol I know you don’t . We can agree to disagree. Here in Phoenix it’s mandatory .

— @mmgarcia81, it is here too ppl don’t got the balls to say anything so screw um 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

— Wow this is so infuriating to me! She should have been denied service for not wearing a mask . I’m disagreeing with a lot of people because I feel so passionate about mandating masks. It helps at stopping the spread of COVID people!!!! I was even arguing with my grandpa the other day 🤦🏻‍♀️ because he was trying to prove that mask only work the wearer if they are sick. That’s the point ! If everyone wore a mask there would be less transmissions. People are walking around sick with no symptoms and have no idea. I hate wearing them too, but it helps saves lives .

— @mmgarcia81, yes that’s good. Let’s hope this can slow the spread of COVID 19

— I only wear a mask if the sign says it’s required. So basically only when I’m grocery shopping. I go alone so it’s just me. My kids don’t wear masks and no one has ever said anything. I agree it’s good for people to wear them but only when it’s appropriate, like if you’re going to be around other people. When you’re driving in your car, walking around the neighborhood, or doing physical activity then it’s definitely not appropriate. Today there was a guy in a car next to me on the road and he had 2 masks on 😳

— @2sweetie, I don’t wear them outside either . I’ve went hiking and walking the park and I didn’t wear them. Definitely not in my car either. I’ve tried to be more considerate when I go through drive through and put it on .

— I don’t get it. Aren’t most places requiring masks? Why would the employee question it? Has she been living under a rock? 🙄

— Yes a lot of places here have a sigh outside saying, no mask 😷 no service. And to be honest, I don’t know why the damm lady questioned it. She was just being so rude to her.

— Wtfffff. That's messed up.

— Omg yes it was so messed up. Damm lady....