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Amazing mom life friends God is good I reseaved my packages…

Amazing mom life friends God is good I reseaved my packages with food the shelter here is so understanding and was trying to help me with deliveries in the future too.They are getting me pillows and towels too! God this shelter is so heavenly compared to the first shelter. Now I'm waiting for diapers! God knows what he doing trust and believe ! His plan through his eyes is greater then we imagine or dream of! He will never leave us or forsake us ,supply all our needs and his love never fail , never give up and never run out !


— 💗 you always are amazing to me. I know you are struggling but you always give the glory to God. It’s convicting to me how ungrateful I can be. Sending you love

— I'm sure your grateful you dont realize it !!! Your amazing too wish you was closer to make my baby b day cake!!!! You and pookie collaborate bake it lol

— @verguinia, aww I wish! What day is her bday?

— @bunsinmyoven it's this sundayyy!!!

— Girl take anything u can get one time I had a church furnish my whole apartment for nothing it was awesome

— Yes I I'm defenatly trying ! And I was also going to do the church thingy had that in my plan for the future too

— Happy for you! 💜
Glad things are looking up.

— Thank you food !!!! And cleaning stuff and diapers that's all I'm asking g for lol

— Amen ! So happy for you girl ! Everything in due time always trust gods timing

— Yes thank you God timing !!! That's what was the sentence I was looking for in my post !!!