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Update on Emma and Emily💕 we might be getting to meet th…

Update on Emma and Emily💕

we might be getting to meet these little girls next week. at today's scan it showed us that theres a big difference in blood flow between the 2. Emily's (baby b) has more blood flow than Emma (baby a) pretty much Emily is starting to take from Emma. we will go next Monday to see if it's still showing the same results if so we will be talking about bringing these babies into the world
i kind of seen this coming due to the last scan Emily started to get bigger than Emma when Emma been the big baby until now but glad we've made it this long before one started taking from the other.


— See i love their names! Emma is o. my list also

— Praying for safety ❤️

— Oh wow, how exciting! Hoping for a safe delivery 💕💕

— thank you ❤️

— I bet that’s so exciting and terrifying at the same time!! I know any mommas but especially twin momma want those babies to cook for as long as possible but you’ve made it this far with what seems like barely any complications! Praying for you and the girls! Looking forward to some more updates 🥰🥰

— yes i'm just glad we've bad it to a good time frame before they started stealing from each other cause they've done awesome this far but i'm sure they're like momma they're over it and running out of room 😂

— @beautiful_disaster, I bet you’re excited to see how much they look alike though! And I beg jerry is excited she gets to meet them soon!

— @lexhernandez, yes i'm curious to see what their differences are and how
they are alike and she is super excited she has to ask multiple times a day if they're okay i'm sure that'll increase when they get here until they come home

— I know you would have wanted them to cook longer, but I'm so happy for you that you've and the babies have made it this far! I'm excited for you ❤

— yes but i know they'll be in an awesome NICU and are little fighters

— Will be looking forward to another update and thinking of you. <3

— thank you ❤️

— Wow! Twin gestation is so amazing and interesting. How are you feeling? Are you excited?

— it's definitely been interesting to see the differences in pregnancy with a singleton and twins. and i'm feeling okay super pregnant but taking it day by day. super excited to meet them tho with a side of scared shitless 😂

— @beautiful_disaster, a side of scared shitless, I totally felt that term. It’ll be fun to watch how different they are