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Awsome moms I have a question in the future I want to take …

Awsome moms I have a question in the future I want to take my kids fishing what are the steps to be a Fisher what do I need and do beaches have fishing areas? Can I eat the fish and can I bring a small bbq machine at the fishing sign ?


— 🤣🤣 nothin special bait hooks pole

— Just a though depending on where you end up fishing. Like on a dock or something similar. You might want your kids in life jackets at least your youngest.
When we take my boys they get very wiggly and personally makes me nervous. We’re a fishing family and both our boys where life jackets even getting near water like lake or pond.

— Omg good idea lol I cabt swim tooo

— Some towns have places that are designated just for kids to fish. Most are catch and release but a fun experience. Maybe your town would have something like that.

— You will probably need to buy a fishing license. If you look up your state’s game warden or department of natural resources, you can see what your state’s rules are for fishing.

— Ok cool !!! I rather get a fish license then a car one lol foooooddddd!!!

— Fishing poles, bait/lures, fishing license for you, fillet knife, cooler, ice, a booklet about local fishing regulations. The answer about where to fish and if you can cook it will vary depending on where you go.

— Love that answer !!!

— Start with a fishing pole 🎣

— Yes lol is there kid safty ones ?

— @verguinia, yup