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The boys feel like ninjas while I am trying not to fog my g…

The boys feel like ninjas while I am trying not to fog my glasses 🤣


— The struggle of wearing glasses and a mask! Hate it.

— Right?! It’s the worst 🤣

— Hey how are u? Hope you’re doing well!! What a good looking family u have there! All those boys I don’t know how u do it haha. I have 2 and I feel like I’m going crazy sometimes hahahah!! Good to see u and the family it’s been too long!

— I lost my sanity long ago 😉 so you’re in good company. We are doing well, just finishing up the school year next week. I’m looking forward to summer! How are you and the family?

— @oddie, we are good . I’m happy the school year is almost over. I don’t know how homeschool parents do it but I guess this is a lot different from the typical homeschooling thing. At least while regular homeschool u can go out into the world where as now we can’t!! We are doing ok otherwise def looking forward to the summer but it’s going to be a weird one. No pools open or anything so I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do with these boys!!

— @ss3mom, nothing is open over here either. I miss camping, hiking and swimming pools!

— Hey girl hey! ❤️

— Hey! 💜

— ODDIE 😁😁 Feel like I haven't seen you on in forever! Hope your all doing well!.
Loving the masks lol

— Hey! I kind of fell off of the map for awhile but I’m back! How are you? It’s good to see you!

— @oddie as we do sometimes! 😂 I'm pretty good. Rylan has finally had his heart surgery, he's doing great! We're just waiting for them to let us know what day we can go home.
Other than that, just working and getting cabin fever being trapped inside! 🤪 lmao

— @mamagunn.no.1, I am so glad to hear the surgery went well. I hope for a speedy recovery! 💜 I’m going stir crazy too over here!