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Anyone’s child on the high functioning scale of autism? Can…

Anyone’s child on the high functioning scale of autism? Can you tell me what that means for your child. Are they on medication and if so what medicine?


— My cousin has high functioning autism, ADHD, ODD, and mild turrets. He’s not medicated for any of it right now but they do find that a gluten reduced diet helps with a lot of his symptoms.

— My son is high functioning on the spectrum. He has a speech delay, sensory processing disorder and generalized anxiety mostly involving social issues. He’s not on medication at all, just early intervention(speech, OT, etc). That’s would be my last resort to deal with his anxiety.
What all of this means for my son is he has trouble navigating basic communication, emotions, social cues, and has issues with certain textures, certain sounds and sometimes too much light. No intellectual disabilities, and he’s very smart and is academically ready for kindergarten.

— My son is pretty high functioning and is not on any medications. He's only 6 so I'd like to only resort to medication if absolutely necessary.

— @itsmel @fairykarmamomma

— My daughter is high functioning autistic. And no she's not on any medication at this time.
If you have any questions for me feel free to message me.

— My oldest has high functioning autism. He dosnt require medication. He can function like a normal child but he is also sensitive to things like sound and textures. He also jumps which is apart of his autism. He also has speech problems but since receiving therapy it has gotten better. Also he has a learning disability

— My brother is. He takes no medication I know of. He goes to a college.