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let me hear your epidural and c section experiences because…

let me hear your epidural and c section experiences because idk why but those are the two things making me nervous

pretty sure i'm crazy for saying this but i don't want an epidural (even tho i'll have to have one just incase c section comes into the picture) but when i was pregnant with jerri swore up and down i was gettin that epidural wasn't no way i was giving birth without it but she came way too fast and after i had her i realized it wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be to go natural (for me anyways personal opinion) and with next ones i wouldn't do epidural either but this time around i have no choice


— Epidural was painful. After that it was like I was on a cloud. A

— I had a c- section at 30 weeks with my twins, both were breech and the epidural helped a lot

— I’ve went all natural and I’ve had an epidural. My experience is having a natural birth was soooo much better. I can still feel where I got my epidural in my back and it’s been 5 years.

— You can ask for a low dose or for it to be off I believe. They lowered my dose with my second and holy hell. I was up walking right after to go to the bathroom.

— Ive had both. The epidural was my savior. I had a hard time with my first and got a third degree tear. Im glad I was numb lol. My second was my stillbirth also vaginally. I asked for epidural then and whatever drugs I could take because I already knew my daughter had passed and I was emotionally fucked up. That was the easiest. My third was a csection. They started off using that spinal thing and it hurt like a bitch. That didn't work. After that it was either a epidural or go to sleep. Epidural always seemed to work for me pretty well. My c section went very well.

— With my first I needed 2 epidurals. The first came out because I had to be switched around to make me dilate more and make labor progress ( they already popped my water so it all leaked out) my son was getting distressed from all the movements and losing oxygen AFTER pushing for 3.5 hours and nothing because he was way to big to fit through the last part. So I needed an emergency c section. Which I honestly felt ALL the pressure and them digging around. Although i had an epidural i still felt it. Not as bad if i didnt have it but i felt it. I needed More medication to help ease the pain but i think i passed out from dealing with all the pain. At one point i almost ripped the curtain down but didnt because i didnt want to harm mychild or myself. So when i was asleep my childrens father said they strapped my arms down. I woke up to them telling me my son was 9.2 pounds and 20.5 long I DIDNT hear his first cry and I didnt get to see him which broke my heart. . The recovery was horrible. A lot of pain and I couldn't do the things they wanted me too because I was in so much pain. When I got my pain under control I vomited because it was too much medication (not really but my body thought so) With my second I had a scheduled c section In fear of repeating what i did with my first which was AWESOME because I had a spinal tap. Which means it's done right before they cut you open to have your baby. I did how ever feel some pressure but it wasn't pain it just felt really weird! BUT I did hear my son cry and I got to hold him right after. The recovery was so much better . Still painful but I was able to get up and move and do things they needed me too and it didnt hurt to go to the bathroom like it did the first time around. Pooping was a little weird but not as bad as the first time. With my third I'll let you know june 22nd because that is my scheduled c section day. It's scary it honestly is but I would seriously do it all over again .

— I went into labor at 9pm Oct 1st, made our way to the hospital at 1am, got an epidural at 6am, didn’t fully dilate until 8pm Oct 2nd (23 hour labor) and pushed for 3 hours until they decided she was stuck, so 11:30 I was prepped and she was out by 11:51pm 💕💕 and I was ready to do it all over again. They thought I was crazy!!
From 9pm to 1am, breathing and a cold shower held me out -even though hubs was freaking out and ready to head out immediately
From 1am until 6am, just regular ouchie my tummy hurts, but no crying or screaming.
Epidural was quick and painless. The anesthesiologist talked us through all steps. He was amazing!!
After that, I was high as a kite and apparently didn’t push the pain button enough because the nurse was registering my contractions compared to my eyes squinching and said I shouldn’t feel any of it (pushed the button for my stubborn ass) 😆
I only cried when they said my pelvic bone wouldn’t open, but that’s because I felt like a failure. After they pulled her out, I didn’t care anymore. I should’ve known she was going to be stubborn like me!! 👶🏽 all well worth it

— & the aftercare.....I didn’t depend on her dad for anything. The day after we were released, I was up and down the stairs cleaning bottles and doing laundry. Just stay up on the pain meds and all will be great 🙏🏽

— I’ve had 3 c sections
They’ve all been emergency so I don’t get a chance to think about it but I do hate the side affects
I always get anxiety while waiting for the meds to kick it
The shakes are no joke
I shake for hours uncontrollably
And the recovery has been though on me since I don’t get any help I’m always on my own
I’ll be having my 4th and last c section in a few weeks
This time around I know what to expect and I know what my body is gonna go through
I’m not looking forward to recovery

— i've heard of having the shakes for c section but (stupid question here )why do the shakes come?

— I had to have an epidural both times, drs orders, but it only numbed me half way, luckily I was able to feel everything but minimum pain. The needle wasn't so bad, breathing methods helped me soooo much.

— My son, I got the epidural plus iv pain meds. I could still feel my legs even though they were numb. It still hurt to push him out but not as bad as my daughter. With my daughter I asked for the epidural. The dr didn’t want to because I was only at 5. I asked again and by the time they got there and ready to put it in I was having constant contractions. I was ready to push while they were putting it in. Didn’t even kick in before I pushed her out. I almost pushed her out before the drs we’re ready.

— i’ve had both
i had to have a csection with my twins and with my oldest epidural vaginal birth
c sections are no joke 🥴 and i have a very high pain tolerance. the worst about it for me is the during you’re numb to the knife but you legit feel everything else.

— i've heard with c section you're numb but can still feel them in there tugging and moving around while in there 🥴 my main fear with c section is recovery or gettin a infection.

— @beautiful_disaster, yeah basically you feel all of that and it’s not that great.
recovery is a lot easier ya gotta make yourself get up and walk around as much as possible
the meds help out a lot

— i had an epidural with my first, the insertion was a little uncomfy for me, but not painful. i just didn’t like being limited to laying on the bed and that’s the main reason i did a “natural” birth with my second.

— that was one reason i loved not having one cause i could get up move around and even after i could get up walk around etc

— I’ve not had a c section but I’ve had a natural labor and I’ve had an epidural and I’m terrified of needles also like @mikecoochie said but it wasn’t that bad. My baby’s heart rate kept dropping because she was in distress and the dr urged me to take the epidural and within a few minutes her heart rate leveled back out and I was able to calm down.

— just the thought of a needle to the back sounds painful and i've heard birth is a lot harder cause you can't really feel like pushing and what's going on

— @beautiful_disaster, if it’s not done correctly it can cause issues. With her it was placed properly and I had no problem pushing her out. And with Madi I was induced and took the epidural and it was great. When it was time to push I just sat up and pushed her out pretty quickly. She was tiny so that helped

— I would have died without an epidural. Not literally but I can’t handle that pain. It’s not that bad and I’m terrified of needles.

— @mikecoochie, i hate the tape even with just IVs like pulling skin off to get those things off then leaves that sticky junk lol

— @beautiful_disaster, I spent forever in the shower trying to scrub that shit off 😂

— Same I hate needles. I was scared of the epidural at first but more scared of childbirth.

— I didn’t feel the epidural at all. That being said, while you need to have the line placed just incase, they don’t actually have to give you the meds if your don’t want them.

— that makes me feel better . i didn't have one with jerri so idk how it works beside the obvious you get big lovely needle stuck in your back and you can't move while it's being placed lol

— @beautiful_disaster, they do it so quickly that you aren’t just sitting there forever. I know it sounds scary but you can definitely handle it if you’ve got to get it.