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I can't help but to have mom guilt. Jerri is super excited …

I can't help but to have mom guilt. Jerri is super excited for her sisters but she also gets REALLY jealous if i go in the nursery to do something or organize the baby shower last saturday she got super jealous and it makes me feel so bad i know it's normal because she's use to it just being her and i try to get her involved with everything so she doesn't feel left out but i never wanted her to feel jealous or left out. growing up i felt the same way it was all about my older brother he could do no wrong he was my grandmother favorite and i always felt left out and i never want any of my kids to feel that way. of course i get her involved and do things with her also but kinda breaks my heart and brings up emotions from my childhood when she gets jealous i just don't want her to feel like she's not important like i did cause she has baby sisters


— Yess buy her a set of twin babies it might help her get used to it and become less jealous

— Maybe get her a set of twin baby dolls and give them to her when she meets your babies for the first time. That way you BOTH can be mamas to new babies together

— that's a really good idea!!!

— @beautiful_disaster yeah you can introduce the dolls and the babies at the same time. You can say something like "here's mama's babies".. (then tell her the names) then say "and here are Jerri's babies" (and tell her the dolls names) then say something about how "we both have babies to take care of now but we will do it together since you're such a big girl"

But I think it will be most impactful if she gets the dolls at the same time she meets her sisters for the first time. That way it's a bonding experience she shares with you. And if you can, don't just hand her a doll in a box because your twins won't be in a box when Jerri meets them either, try to make it as close to a real experience as possible.

— @watz, thank you for this idea i absolutely love it !❤️ idk why i didn't even think of this. and be fun for her to have her "own babies"

— Try talking to her about how she's feeling.

— That's really tough. I am a twin and we have an older sister too. It was really hard for her growing up, especially when us twins were young. She had nightmares about mom not loving her anymore. Then later, she would always get gifts on OUR birthday (to not feel left out) but we started getting mad at her because why should she get gifts for OUR birthday and we didn't get anything at her birthday? I feel bad for my parents lol... definitely a hard thing to deal with. Like others have said, though, always involve her with the babies, and make time for her too! 💜

— Have you tried having her help you with putting away baby stuff? Like maybe have her file their clothes and let her decide where to put books or toys for them! Being more involved might help her get more use to the idea of them really being here!

— @lexhernandez, i hope so my number 1 fear is i know they're going to need a lil more attention especially since it's twins is that she get jealous and thinks she's been replaced

— @beautiful_disaster, I think the best thing is to involve her as much as possible, even if she says no or doesn’t want to just keep encouraging her! I’m a little scared Alex will be jealous too since he’s such a big mommas boy but I’m hoping by having him super involved he won’t feel replaced or forgotten

— @lexhernandez, like when the babies do come let her try bottle feeding them or get her to help change diapers, just the little everyday things!