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I struggle drastically with making the right decisions in m…

I struggle drastically with making the right decisions in my life .. I have been juggling soo much it’s insane I’m currently still pregnant and getting induced Monday my next school semester starts on wed I was working full time while going to school and being pregnant thank god I’m on leave but I’m a bit overwhelmed which to me is expected o not to mention I have 4 other kids 12 6 3 and 2 ... insanity I kno 😩 I feel like I need to maybe put a hold on school until the kids get a little older and then apart of me keeps saying you can do this... then I keep flipping back and forth in my mind between if I wanna continue nursing school or try something different I’m literally all over the place ... I wanna buy a house but I need to work more and save but because I’m in school I have to sacrifice work hours any advice or suggestions?


— @manda_5times, I first have to say!! Wow 🤩!!! Doing all of that on a daily basis is amazing, you are an amazing person!! That is a lot on your plate and I know the struggle of working, getting a degree and having babies because I literally did that but my kids were babies still. It is very hard to keep your mind set on track with all that you are juggling! Take a deep breath mama, I would get overwhelmed too, but I was told in nursing school “First things First”.
-Do you have help if you were to just stay the course and complete school?
-Could you take a semester off?
-Does your school have a preschool available to you on campus?
-Would night classes be better for you?

What I’m trying to get at is that you can do this girl!! I know how hard this is, I genuinely do. I have 3 nursing degrees/ TNCC credential and TCRN that I have completed all while doing exactly what you are doing, being a mama, pregnant, working and all the while being a spouse. This is like going through a gauntlet lol 😂! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel you got to just keep reaching for it even if it means you have to take a small break and return in fall, keep your heart in it love!!

— @manda_5times, You are so welcome girl!!! I am so glad that I could give you some words of encouragement because I know that struggle😊

— @manda_5times, This post tugged at my heart! I had to reply with some encouragement! Hugs 🤗 you got this!

— @ourfamilyof8, you are the best thanks again love 😘😘