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Omg. These freaking dreams. How the hell am I not gay?! 😅 …

Omg. These freaking dreams. How the hell am I not gay?! 😅 like...that dream just made me wonder why I even wanna be with a man if I can have an experience like that. Good morning contractions induced by realistic sex dreams 🤣


— Im bisexual i love me some females but when i have dreams like those (girl on girl) i wake up like dayymmmm omggg got me feeling all tingly

— Exactly 😅

— Lmao I had a similar dream a few weeks ago🤣 apparently it's normal to have dreams like that lol it doesn't mean your gay but dreams like that sure make you wanna be🙄🤣.. I wouldn't mind letting a female touch me & I sure wouldn't mind touching a female lmao😁 give me that 😼 & let me do what most men can't lol I've always wanted to work my tongue out🤣🤣🤣🤣 😛😏

— @allyzmommyxlw I feel like I'm bisexual because I often think about doing stuff with a female but I also just think that I want something my hubby don't give me and that's some 😼👅👅💦 lol 😂

— @allyzmommyxlw I do want to try it though 👅😼💦 😁

— @mom2.3crotchhumans 😅😅🥴

— Girrrlll

— I woke up craving women bad lol like wth

— I was the same way. Now I’m saying a female 😋😋

— Lol I totally get that😭😹 my dreams were always crazy

— 😅😅

— Women are the best though 😅🤷🏾‍♀️😇

— Riight!? Lol