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I have an appointment tomorrow with my psychiatrist to see …

I have an appointment tomorrow with my psychiatrist to see if he’d like to put me on any other medication.
Anyone whose on medication for anxiety, what do you take and how has it been for you?


— I smoke weed or take natural pills like b 12 etc fuk those pills they do nothing

— My normal
Medication is ciprolex and I do really well on it. It’s an anti depressant but I was on a low dose of it for my anxiety. But it isn’t safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding which is why I’m on the sertraline right now.

— Whichever medication he may recommend I strongly suggest you consider trying it with an open mind if medication is the route you choose to take. Sure it’s smart to consider side effects but I think it’s possible that with the Zoloft you may have entirely worked yourself up so much about it ahead of time that it never stood a chance

— This☝️...be sure to give it time to work properly. SSRIs work to stabilize the chemical imbalances happening in your brain. They'll need time to do their job. Keep an open mind.

— Agreed! My husband, a doctor, gave me Cymbalta for a few weeks last year to see if it helped with fibromyalgia type symptoms I was experiencing. For the first week or two, I felt AWFUL. I was nauseous, didn’t want to eat, felt weak and shaky, and started feeling super panicky until I finally asked him to take me to the hospital because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. He didn’t, and instead calmed me down and assured me that people typically feel like garbage for the first 2 weeks or so on this type of medication. Sure enough, a week or so later, I felt much better! I didn’t stay on the medication very long, but I do think the initial symptoms can deter people from sticking with it, when some of them may end up subsiding after several days. Good luck! I hope you find something that works well for you! :)

— Ask your psychiatrist about Vistaril or Buspar. I don’t have anxiety needing medication, but work in the mental health field, so am familiar with meds. Another one to ask about is Lexapro, but if you responded poorly to Zoloft, it might be too similar to that to do much good, but again, I am not a doctor. The best thing to do is speak with your own psychiatrist.

— Thank you so much!

— Please don't take this the wrong way but you've already asked this question. I really think with the level of anxiety that you're experiencing you should stop reaching out to social media for support and let your psychiatrist explain to you your options. SSRIs are popular but some people just aren't successful with them or those drugs without additional help

— My anxiety causes me to ramble on and on and reread anything. I’ll be talking to him tomorrow. I thought I’d just ask for other people’s stories to help calm my nerves

— @lillylove you risk hearing the bad and the good though which you don't need to be hearing right now. Just discuss everything with your doctor and keep an open mind. Good luck 🙏❤️