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I’m sure a lot of you mamas are like me and love leggings/y…

I’m sure a lot of you mamas are like me and love leggings/yoga pants, i found this deal for 80% off right now! Original price is 54, and I got them for 11.99 each! Shipping is gonna be a minute but for that deal I’m willing to wait 😂( free shipping on them too btw)


— I hate the ones with high waist they drive me insane I don’t have a got a guy to tuck in lmao

— Soooooo the XL hips measure 17.9 inches....🤨

— Maby around? I don’t know lol

— Shoot I really want these

— I think they're like overshooting their estimations right now. That away you're not mad. I mean, NO ONE is gonna be mad bout gettin it early but if they say it's gonna be a week or two but it takes a month or two, people be gettin pissed.

— I completely agree!

— So I think your right on this! I just ordered them yesterday and they already shipped today!

— @momzillaof4, mine too!

— From Amazon.

— Also, just throwin this out there...I sent a birthday present to sweet Parker in Iowa and it said it wouldn't ship til May 5 but they got it today!

— You bitches better not take em all!! I'm headed to Amazon!

— Best comment yet 😂

— @momzillaof4, I made it! Ordered all 6! Lol! Thanks girl, that's a freakin HELLA awesome deal!

— Ahhh! I need them in all colors!

— Wow, June is a long ways away 😂

— It really is! But the deal is good lol. It’s far away cuz of everything going on right now, hell by then I’ll probably forget about them then it’ll be a surprise😂

— @momzillaof4, It is a good deal! The only thing I don't like is there's no reviews. I ordered 2 pairs on there a couple weeks ago for $5 each

— @scream.queen, $5?? Damn! That sounds amazing lol, I didn’t like the no review part either

— Off to amazon i go 🙈

— These are cute