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Has anyone had a “diaper shower”? What’s some alternatives …

Has anyone had a “diaper shower”? What’s some alternatives to a baby shower...something small...something different to do 🤔 I’ve heard of a baby sprinkle before too. Maybe a dinner? Or brunch? Hmm


— I had a baby shower in our friends house with the ladies while Brandon had a diaper party in their shop with the guys (where he was centre of attention for a bit lol). By the end of it - the ladies and guys got together.
You could opt out of the shower and just do the diaper party for you both. Our host took care of the food (it was all munchy stuff like crackers,cheese,dips, etc etc) but you could do something more simple.

The baby shower obviously had baby gifts, but each guy showed up with a box of diapers for Brandon for the diaper party and honestly - that’s the way to go. Diapers lasted us forever it seemed!!

— @kx2girlmommy, diaper party is the way to go! And it’s still a great time. You can still do your games, if you were wanting games. People arrive, drop the box of diapers. You could have a cake, if you wanted. It’s perfect.

— @outnumbered, I think imma do that. Food, cake and a raffle 🙂

— @kx2girlmommy, raffle! Great idea!! 👌 you’ll be golden.

How tf did I miss that?

— Heyyyy boo!!! I miss you!! Yes I caught the pregente 🤣😂😂 😘😘

— @kx2girlmommy I miss you too 😭😭 and see, I told you for ages now that ish is contagious! 😂😂😂 Congratulations though, I'm so excited for you. ❤ how are you going with all this Corona craziness?

— @mamagunn.no.1, I am about to jump off my roof or go get me a hotel room to quarantine by myself 😆 😂

— BabyQ Sprinkle or Book club maybe

— BabyQ I like lol

— I had a sprinkle shower, because I flew in and couldn’t bring back a bunch of stuff. Most of my family and friends got me gift cards. But we still played games and etc like normal showers. I just wanted to do something small at least because she’s my first n last

— My ex husband and I had a "diapers and dogs" party. On the invitation we put hot dogs and hamburgers in exchange for diapers. It was a small way to celebrate with both of us. We had a BBQ with a keg and other bbq food. People came with diapers and other small gifts. He was military and I didn't have many friends where we were stationed so it was easy for us to celebrate this way. All the men in his command could handle picking up some diapers or wipes. It was fun

— That sounds fun and like a good idea. Something simple and fun