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think am going to leave this group dont knw nobody communic…

think am going to leave this group dont knw nobody communicate with me i dont know why but have a great pregnancy life


— @xryztalroze oh you can in setting click on account and ypu will see username you can change it from there

— @motherofsoon2be3 And your profiley says you're from Jamaica. We just finished our last bits of sorrelle from Christmas... Yum!

— yes am from jamaica i love sorrel

— I'm sorry you feel the need to leave. I wish you all the best. It takes some time and energy to chat with people here.

— @motherofsoon2be3 You're welcome!!!

— @xryztalroze because littleonemorning say probaly its because of my user name so i change it i was in this group a year ago and am back because i like it am pregnant with my third child need people to talk with because where am from peoole are saying i got back pregnant very fast

— @motherofsoon2be3 I understand why you changed. I'd like to know how you changed it?

— I mean, your name says William. So, yeah. People are going to avoid you on a mom app if they think you’re a man.

— @littleonemorning thats what i realise so i change it

— @xryztalroze, agreed.

— @motherofsoon2be3, good. Again, wish you well. I didn’t start making friends on here for a good couple of months.