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So my OB told me a while ago, that my S/O or support person…

So my OB told me a while ago, that my S/O or support person should self quarentine 1-2 weeks prior of my due date to lower risk of sicknesses. When I told my bf that,he went to his boss to tell her he'd start 1 week instead of 2 bc there is only 2 people in their department. They had no problem. Well, Monday would be when he starts and now all of a sudden they want a note. 🙄 So now I'm working on getting a note for his boss. They are making things extremely difficult. Their company shouldn't even be open.but they found loop holes and keep putting everyone at risk



— So freaking sad that a company could careless about their employees or their families
This a priceless moment and they requesting a note smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ like they don’t know everything that’s going on in the world right now

— That’s such bullshit. They should understand that. It’s more than believable and reasonable. I’d want that even if my doctor didn’t tell me that which then I wouldn’t have a note. And I’d be going to his boss myself and telling her idgaf what she wants.. I’m the pregnant wife and what I want matters far more. Suck it up and deal with it, that’s what a bosses job is. Aint our job to make it easier on you. I’m sorry she’s giving yinnz the run around like that. I’d be pissed as fuck.

— @allyzmommyxlw, GOOD! Hopefully they’ll take it much more serious hearing it come directly from your doctor.

— @coffeebean that's the hope. He's waiting to see if it'll b paid or not.

— @allyzmommyxlw, fingers crossed for you that it is🤞🏼