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Dr. Tells me my daughter most likely has covid19 cause of h…

Dr. Tells me my daughter most likely has covid19 cause of her fever and cough and possible exposure when my husband "got sick" a few weeks ago, but she can't be tested cause she isn't sick enough... So basically just control the fever and wait... If it gets worse then go to ER.. Cause there aren't enough test in my area... Ugh how frustrating.. Was really hoping it was teeth or ear infection as crazy at that sounds..my poor baby girl hate seeing her like this.


— 🙏 Speedy recovery

— Praying for a speedy recovery 🙏
And sending you a hug because I’m sure you are feeling worried and stressed over this 💜

— Well doctors are quick to blame Covid for every symptom when it could easily just be a regular illness. There’s no cure so getting tested won’t really do anything. Just keep her home and away from everyone else as much as possible.

— Prayer for daughter and family.

It's still flu season did she get tested for flu?? My oldest in February had high fever for like a week with a cough and she was positive for flu B. I have never seen her that sick ever like that time. 2 days straight all she did was sleep and hallucinate. 3rd day look better but in the afternoon she will get sleepy and get high fever again. That all lasted for a week. Give her a lot of fluids. I noticed she got way better when she drank a lot.of fluids. Mades me think if it really was the flu not covid 19. Cuz she had the flu before but she didnt get that sick. Baby also got sick but not as bad as my oldest.

— Prayers for her. Hope she feels better soon!

— 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

— Prayers for you daughter and your family 💗

— Omg how scary!! Praying for you and babygirl 🙏🏼♥️

— Hope she feels better soon. Prayers

— Go to one of those drive thru testing sites “anyone with symptoms needs to go /the hospital s don’t want just anyone walking in there now ,don’t wait for it to get worse

— They can’t do anything for her unless she needs assistance breathing. Staying home and providing supportive car is the best thing to do. For her and others. Because the tests are so limited you have to meet a criteria to be tested.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, in our area 1st the elderly with a dr referral /all first responders then and now anyone with symptoms can go thru a drive thru “very scary for a young child who can’t communicate enough to tell us how they feel, this is in Miami Fl and their testing site requirements

— Sending you and baby light and love. Wishing baby a speedy and safe recovery. Stay hydrated. Bless your hearts.

— 😢