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I have never been this stressed about naming a child ... my…

I have never been this stressed about naming a child ... my first two babies had their names as soon as I found out about them 😞 I’m struggling y’all.


— Destinee, Dallas, Davina, Delaney, Demi 🙂

— @kx2girlmommy, I’ve gotten a lot of crap about the spelling. Saying it’s spelled incorrectly and I need to spell it right since my others kids’ spellings are correct 🙄

— @loveerii, omg 🙄 people always have something to say. Spell it the way you like it, it’s beautiful

— My middle name is Davina

— My baby wasn’t named until he was 2 days old! 😱😂😂 I had a heck of a time picking it.

— I was in so much pain I just hurried up and picked one

— I left it up to my fiancé to come up with a name and he did pretty good he also named our twins

— @loveerii, Hahahaha I love the Bruce Wayne ( I’m a huge Batman fan )

My twins names are... Isabella Victoria and then Natalia Tatiana
And this babies name is Alejandra luciana

— @jaybird1988, those are all so flipping cute! I’m mostly conflicted on keeping the “D” names going since I have a Dawson and Delilah or going with a name I love 😞

— @loveerii, thanks, the fiancé did good lol, I’m sure a name will come to you mama