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Simple garlic noodles for lunch. 🧄🧅🍽

Simple garlic noodles for lunch. 🧄🧅🍽


— Because of this I’m making a lemon garlic buttered noodles for a side for dinner

— Yummmm! I wanted a lemon to squeeze over top, but I’m out 😅

— Yum!!

— Looks yummy! Recipe?

— @jennatess, I tried lol. I didn’t have fresh parm cheese, only shredded and no fresh parsley. But I did add some squeezed lemon and red pepper.

— @chelseaz, yum, though! It wasn’t even really a recipe, I just threw shit together. This looks so good!

— @jennatess, I have to learn to just throw shit together lol because it tasted so good! Thank you for your made up recipe! 😂

— Are they similar to Cheesecake Factory's garlic noodles?? 😍 gahhh thosee were one of my faves and they took it off the menu! I always tried to copy cat make them but just not the same.

— I was SO sad they took them off the menu.
But let me see if one of my friends who works pasta remembers the recipe. 🤭😉😋

— @jennatess I would be forever grateful!!

— 🤤🤤🤤