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Has anyone given their toddler Tamiflu? It was prescribed f…

Has anyone given their toddler Tamiflu? It was prescribed for my son but I’m scared to give it to him. I’ve heard bad things.


— Oh no that's crazy! It was prescribed to my 15 mo old cause she had pneumonia as well! I had no idea and didn't do my research since i was stressing on the pneumonia part 😰

— It was prescribed for pneumonia? Did your baby have flu? Tamiflu is for the flu as far as I know. My son was prescribed antibiotics for the pneumonia.

— @downtherabbithole yes ! They told me "she had both "

— What kind of bad things?

— Nausea, vomiting, hallucinations etc.

— I didn’t end up using it. He’s no longer sick either. Just did Motrin for his fever and antibiotics for the pneumonia. Kept him hydrated.

— Nope I refuse to fill it he was only sick 5 days no puking

— No my son just got over the flu and I refused. My sons pediatrician even said he wouldn't give it to his child but he has to offer it

— I would never. My kids pediatrician told me that all tamiflu does is help shorten the length of time you have the flu. Nothing else. Tylenol/Motrin, rest, & liquids is just as good. If not, better. Tamiflu can also cause nausea along with it.

— He has flu and pneumonia. They started him on antibiotics for the pneumonia but I’m on the fence about giving him the Tamiflu. The dr said it’s up to me if I wanna give him that one.

— I didn't either I'm like u want me to put that in my lil dudes empty tummy no thanks I just let him ride it out and he got better in 2 days. It's your body's natural defense to fight a infection so why cover it up. The side effects scared me to much to consider it