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Thank you ladies for your congratulations! The line on her…

Thank you ladies for your congratulations!
The line on her face is just a shadow.
We are doing great. I’m still a little crampy but honestly I feel pretty good. Just can’t wait to be home with my Austin, he was so upset when SIL had to take him back home with her. Doctors are keeping an eye on her blood sugar levels because they keep getting lower. She is absolutely perfect! Pretty sure I’m bias tho🤷🏼‍♀️


— Aww congrats mommy she is beautiful 🥰😘😍💕👌🏼

— Congratulations she beautiful ❤

— She is beautiful

— Congratulations it was definitely tough having the age gap I had but my son was able to help a lot with his baby sister.

— Omg congrats. She’s a doll! Hope u two are doing well!

— Thank you ❤️

— Look at her cheeks! Congrats

— Thank you!! They actually look way skinnier in these pics lol

— So precious! Being a mom of both is the best ❤️

— I am so nervous 😬! Not just cause she’s a girl but cause it’s almost been four years lol hoping it all comes back to me! When I was pregnant I kept thinking the world is playing a joke on me and she’d definitely be born a boy 😂 lol.

— @mandehhhx3, haha! I was the same way. I didnt believe my girl twin was a girl until they were born lol. My friends teased me saying theyd both be boys