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So I was involved in a nasty accident and ended up with a b…

So I was involved in a nasty accident and ended up with a broken humerus which needed surgery... in a split second like that my independence was taken away I can't look after or pick my baby up and its been such a tough few weeks it breaks my heart when he stretches his arms out for me to pick him up and I can't.... my message to all out there is cherish and make the most of what you have now because you never know when your life can be turned upside down


— Ouch hope you recover fast!

Insurance are a holes!! I was reversing out of a parking spot and a car come speeding out of a junction and smashed into my car. Yet apparently it was my fault! Even though I was on the road first

There was cctv but sun was glaring so couldnt see and her witnesses (were friends in another car)

— Oh that's awful hope you were okay. Its ridiculous my insurance are still investigating fingers crossed for the outcome xx

— Oh really....well that's rubbish isnt it....well I hope your on the mend

— Taking a day at a time x

— I live in bd4....how did u manage to break it so badly x

— In a car accident I was pulling out in my street and a car sped up and hit mine but apparently it's my fault as that car was already on road 😕

— @kiranafzal I recommend a dash cam. People are quick to speed up when they are being ignorant and not wanting to allow people to pull out safely. A woman crashed into my car thankfully it was the front end that got it but she didn't even look at what direction she was going I did everything safely and if I didn't have a dash cam it would of went in her favour🙄🤯 I hope you have a speedy recovery and can pick up your baby again soon 😔💔

— @lauren0103 I am going to get a dash cam dr has given me a sick note for 2 months. People are so inconsiderate I was telling her my arm is broken call an ambulance and she was saying I hit her car causing neck and shoulder pains. Thanks hun x

— Oh wow that looks nasty....hope your on the mend....also I'm from bradford x

— I'm getting there its going to take time healing... oh where abouts from I'm from Fagley x