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anyone have a toddler boy that is not bad af? every little …

anyone have a toddler boy that is not bad af? every little boy my daughter encounters is always trying to push her down, not share and throw stuff at her. it's annoying but I know they are just kids and only do what their parents allow. my daughter isn't really used to being around other little kids and she gets tired of them quickly. I dont want to isolate her but at the same time I dont want her getting hurt and picking up nasty behaviors.


— My son has 2 girl cousins born within 6 weeks of him and he plays well with them and even other kids he mainly just watches them. He can be rough mainly when a kid takes something from him or tries to tell him not to do something. Lol

— My son is an angel. My daughter is the devil 😂

— Mine is such a gentleman. He prefers to play with girls a lot of time because they’re typically gentler. He’s rough with his dad, but he’s a big lover.

— Any little girl my boy encounters either bites him, pulls his hair, takes his toys away from him, will shove him down.
He just stands there and takes it, or will cry (when bitten) and run to me.

So I guess it goes for either boy or girl, eh.

— @tammyarielc, when they start to get physical. Because putting hands on someone is NOT ok. Boy or girl.
My son had a toy that he was playing with; and the little girl dropped her toy, and ran to him to try and take it. Usually he would just drop it and let her have it, but lately he’s been standing his ground and when she comes up to try and take it, he will walk away to a different part of the room with his toy and keep playing. This time, she screamed, ran at him from behind and bit him on the back/shoulder area. I’ve never heard my son scream the way he screamed before. She just stood there and looked at him and took his toy that he dropped and went and sat down.

— @outnumbered wow and your son is young I feel sorry that he was treated like that. I dont think I could watch that go down. the boy the pulled my daughter down he ran away when she started crying then he said sorry and tried to wipe her tears. so I guess he was being a sour patch kid lol

— @tammyarielc, he will be 2 in May. And she turned 2 yesterday. They’re smart at a young age though, don’t kid yourself.
I keep an eye on it, because I’m a firm believer on problem solving. Like I said - when it gets to hands on, that’s the end of that.
I’ve never experienced her biting before, so I didn’t think that would happen. Then all of a sudden it seemed like it happened so fast.

That’s very nice that he showed some compassion. You have to give him that.

— I have 3 son’s they have never pushed children down ,they don’t throw toys at children”and for the parent that just sat there and yelled stop , they need to do a better job and show them to be nice and kind to other’s and to animals also !

— Both of my boys are great around other children, they're such sweethearts. If the kids get rough and try to hurt them, they seem to take it and never react. If I'm there I pull them away from the situation. Now when it's just them two together they are crazy and rough house alot

— my daughter just takes it too and it's so heartbreaking because she never has and probably would never do those things to another kid. she just wants everyone to be playing and happy

— Pretty sure all kids have their asshole days, girl or boy 🤷‍♀️ I'll say it. And at two they are still learning to share and play nice.

— true I just dont understand the violence part. like should kids pushing other kids to the point where they almost bust their heads be normalized just because they are small?

— @tammyarielc that's where teaching comes in to play.. you can always take your child out of the situation if need be. They're learning to play and control their own emotions at this age 🤣 nobody is normalizing anything.

— @bodybycheetos yeah I'm thinking about just not letting my daughter play with a specific boy anymore. he is so sweet and nice at first next thing I know he's being a little butt. he pulled her down twice today and she hit her head both times while his mom was just like "stop" that's what I meant by normalizing. part of me wants to be like it's just a kids thing but the other part is feeling like parents dont correct these behaviors because they think its what's supposed to happen

— I was bullied in school only by boys. The girls I never had an issue with — boys can also be drama. I was never dramatic as a teen but one of my male cousins sure was. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Children between 1-3 are still learning how to play appropriately. They don't really understand how to share and are quick to get frustrated. Boys and girls both. My daughter was a biter and aggressive around 2 because she couldn't hear in one ear and had a severe language delay. The other children didn't know that and reacted to her age appropriately. Everyone has good and bad days. When my daughter settled down and was on the other side of it I just taught her patience and told her to move away from people when they were having a bad day.

— My son is the opposite of that he’s super loving he’s helpful if he sees the kids crying he rubs their back and says it’s OK he’s always really loved kids! And he’s extra sweet on girls 😂😂

— My son isn’t around kids often but he loves kids. When he sees them he wants to play and hug them. So far he’s met really nice kids. Even older ones around 5-6 yrs old and they will play at his level, it’s adorable.

— My son is a total sweetheart. He likes to play rough with his daddy, but with other kids, he’s shy and sweet. I worry about other kids being mean to him and hurting his feelings at school because he has such a kind little heart.

— aww that's how I feel about my daughter. she knows nothing about being mean to other kids or pushing or anything like that so when it's done to her it's like it's taking away some of her innocence

— This is how I feel about most little girls that he comes in contact with since they’re mostly bratty. I just take my kid away from them and luckily he really likes to go on his own at the park and do his own thing

— my daughter like to do her own thing too but some kids are extremely persistent. it's pretty bothersome. sometimes they use toys to get her to want to play when obviously she is content being alone. have you dealt with that?

— @tammyarielc, sometimes. There was an older boy the other day at the park who kept asking my kid and getting in his face if he wanted to play spies with them, lol. They meant no harm but my son was annoyed so I just told the boy he didn’t know how yet since he’s younger than them

— My son is pretty kind so far. He loves to give hugs, hopefully that doesn’t change lol

— that's great. it's good to know there are some sweet little boys out there